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  • Full version in reply to Good so far by rsm241

    Here is the full version if you want to test it out. might need to google how to install apk files. Also I cannot get it to update like the market version does, just send me an email when you ...
  • I Agree in reply to This is Truly Fantastic, But Lacks in One Area. by ARK

    I completely agree with the graphics, I think most people don't end up trying to game and seeing the gameplay. I've looked for pixel artists on, but the ones I've contacted so far have been too busy, probably because ...
  • Thank you in reply to COOL by janis.kalnins.58152

    Glad you like it. Yeah, I'm trying to create a complete RTS :) I think touch screen devices can work really well with RTS games (with the right interface). The direct mapping of touches to points in the game is ...
  • Rusted Warfare (an Android RTS)

    I'm the sole developer of this game, I just thought I'd post this here, as I'm guessing most of the other day9 fans are also RTS fans :)So if you happen to have an Android device, let know what you ...