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  • Not Too Late! in reply to idk if it's too late by printf

    Ya I'm gonna get someone to proof read it, it's in its first stages and it was more of a rough draft than a final paper :). Anyways thanks for reminding me!
  • Thank you! in reply to Well by OMGiLoveNova

    Thank you so much!
  • Wow in reply to eSports already well established by OMGiLoveNova

    Thanks for all that information! This will be really helpful! I'll make sure to include all of this. Thank you once again!
  • Haven't Tried It Yet in reply to Did it work? by OMGiLoveNova

    I haven't tried it yet, but thank you for that point I can make. Right now I'm just talking to people seeing who will be interested. Once again thank you for the point and I will tell everyone if I ...
  • Any Tips in reply to High School ESports Discussion and Development by SteppeLively

    This is what I have so far. Do you people have any tips or anything to add? This is the paper I have:
  • No Problem! in reply to Thank you by printf

    No problem and good luck!
  • I Need Some Tips For Creating A High School eSports Club

    I'm interested in creating an eSports club in my high school but I don't think the administration will let me. My school is a very athletic and academic school that focuses very heavily on these two things and has a ...