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  • dayDuck in reply to dayLips emoticon suggestion by djnial

  • done n done in reply to DayKnight Festival Winter 2015 by cohLysion

    Think it would be impossible to forget about this considering everyone around me will be talking about this B) B) YEA! let's play some games maaaannn
  • yayaayyayyay in reply to Schedule is up for 21st of November! by Omega068

    LotV hype train gogogogo !! fightinguu!
  • Who's up for a LotV party??

    Legacy of the Void is literally JUST around the corner! I'll probably be playing it all day on release day, starting with the campaign and then checking out multiplayer. Who'll be on on the day to bathe in the delightfulness ...
  • AMG in reply to Sacredsun's Extra Life Stream Year 2!!!!! by Sacredsun

    Good luck torturing yourself and forcing yourself to play many games this year SACRED SUNNY BUNNY!!!!!! :D :D :D
  • YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Fallout: New Vegas by Day9

  • yoyoyo in reply to RaidCall English is Ending by LordMatsu

    So in case people didn't know we have a Discord channel up n going, not sure how reliable it is but here it is anyway OKAY NEVERMIND CHECK THIS ONE OUT just click the link, jump in n ...
  • dude in reply to Atlas Beta signup on the front page by Kai.Herbertz

    I'm with ya man I literally can not wait to see what's been worked on and what it's become as a result of all those playtests! :D :D :D
  • ITS ALWAYS HUFFER in reply to it IS always huffer! by Floris

    hahaha that's actually pretty awesome that they made a card based off a joke. Very interesting card too, it can neutralise huge threats like Ragnaros for example, turnin a 8/8 into a 4/2 which is still good but just not ...
  • Mage in reply to If you could remove a class from the game... by rufus.flowen

    I want to have fun in arena but then I see mages everywhere and suddenly it gets boring really quick LOL... bloody mages and their flamestrikes and their fireballs... ;<That aside though I've played all the classes and they all ...
  • YAY!!! in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Hotline: Miami by Day9

    I've played this a few years back, it's fun if you like challenging games and just basically like killing stuff. One thing that put me off a little is the fact the camera sways constantly during all the action so ...
  • hellohello in reply to Hey everyone ! by djj-waters

    Welcome to the most awesomest bestest community ever! We play games and have a lotta fun ;> enjoy your stay!
  • muffff :D in reply to Covert Muffin Stream Thread by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    I watched your SWTOR stream on Friday and I have to say sir you are off to a SMASHING START! Will certainly be tuning in to future streams ;> defodefodefo! If you like strategy/rogue games I would recommend playing Faster ...
  • uh oh in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #102 - Savjz' Mech Shaman by Day9

    This deck runs 2 Fel Reavers 0_o o_0 ladies and gents we are in for a jolly good show
  • mhm in reply to Dayknights are Human (a cautionary tale) by Ootori_Kyouya

    It's good to always surround yourself with positive people and not let the gloomies ruin your day, so you probably made a good decision there by not involving yourself with em. When something like this happens, I personally like to ...
  • about that in reply to Just as I thought to finally drop in... by Kknewkles

    The hangout starts a little earlier but it goes on for a while so you're absolutely free to pop in and say hi at any moment ;D !
  • eep in reply to Day[Knight] Showmatches by Omega068

    This miiight need updating XD
  • ah right in reply to Routine by Morrissey

    I thought it would be helpful to know because iirc you guys were largely EU-based. Just something that would be helpful to know really since if one person happens to be free and is ready and wants to play but ...
  • Well in reply to How did you discover Day[9]? by Terakahn

    I was looking up videos on Starcraft 2 on Youtube and lo and behold, this clip was one of the videos that popped up I instantly thought, wow I actually used to call it a zeelot, I guess I'm ...
  • RC in reply to Skype Practice Group looking for new Members by Morrissey

    I remember being a part of this ;p just gonna throw this in, for group gaming sessions like this I actually generally prefer Raidcall which we have our own server on, which you can find right here! literally just ...