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  • on the creep tvz

    i am confused as to what to do as a gold leauge terran. if there is a lot of creep spread i obviously know try not to engage on creep but if im maxed with 3/3 what else is there ...
  • yeah in reply to I SUGGEST by HeyAngel_01

    i was thinking the same but wanted to do a big event or something
  • topic possibilities in reply to Newbie Tuesday, Want it back? by BigHippoHunter

    scouting... i would love to see a daily about how to scout what to look for and the art of how the pros know exactly whats happening at all times
  • tournaments in naples italy

    hey guys i live in naples italy and want to do my first tournament(open tournaments obviously im no pro) where could i fnd lists of events in the area?
  • beta in reply to Day[9] Daily #631 - Impromptu Star Strikers by Day9

    how will we be able to get the beta it looks awesome so i need to play it asap
  • mass viper in reply to Day[9] Daily #624 - MegaMonobattles Part 2 by Day9

    i wanna see a mass viper game
  • to many scv's ????

    i was recently in a game where i made it to the 40 min mark in a tvt i was going against a meching player i watched the replay like i always do and saw i had 96 scvs i ...
  • difference between leauge

    hey all im a gold league Terran. my fundamentals are decent but im about to get promoted to plat. i was wondering what the difference is between the lower leagues and plat/dia. like is it just a difference in micro, ...
  • where to send in reply to Day[9] Daily #592 - Slightly off base - Funday Monday by Day9

    where can i send replays too