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  • RTS Card Game Development Stream

    Hello everyone! I am streaming my own game jam this weekend where I will be attempting to make a card-based RTS in around 48 hours. I have not made an RTS before, so this will definitely be an adventure for ...
  • Consistently bad approach = consistently bad results in reply to Thoughts, Opinions, Inqueries?? by brdblckthundr

    Interestingly enough, there is nothing anti-capitalism about what he is saying other than when he specifically says "Capitalism is bad". Capitalism gave us League of Legends, the game you can have pretty much any unit you want without ever paying ...
  • #359 + psuedo-Archon Mode in reply to Funday-ing up the 2v2 Scene! by RealityMaster

    I will concur that this type of 2v2 gameplay is fun as hell! My friend and I were talking about the new archon mode that will be implemented and decided not to wait for the next game. It's turned into ...
  • Let's Do it! in reply to I'm attempting to design a fighting game and I need help. Plis. by GMFaustus

    I'm up for it. I'm going to be a little bit busy cranking out every piece of my portfolio I can for the last month of Christmas vacation, but I should be more free later on when I don't have ...
  • Great Start in reply to Vanirs VENGEANCE(ANDROID rts) by sEadog

    There aren't really any details about how the races play out other than how to make money, so I'm left to assume how the races play out outside of those details. It would be more interesting if those details were ...
  • Making a Game 101 in reply to game-making by gray.timothyjames

    I would highly recommend finding something you could mod since the amount of work to really create something from scratch or using a 3rd party game engine is pretty high. From what you've said about experience, this is definitely the ...
  • Physics in game programming in reply to Game Design by luke.denny.73

    From what I've heard, there are a lot of people who came to the games industry from seemingly unrelated fields. You are not barred from the industry by not having a BS in computer science, but you might have a ...