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  • <3 in reply to Want to join on coaching session? by Deet

    I would love to! Battle tag is Newb 1697
  • A few loses in reply to Sounds good! by EninrA

    So I should give up lower rank wins for practice? Also are hydras pretty much useless in the late game and just really used to stop cute things like VR rush and banshees?
  • Perfect =D in reply to Im a silver level and I would gladly play some games with you by infidale

    Ill add you asap and we can figure out a time to play
  • Will do in reply to Macro by Maicros

    Thank you so much for the advice, but I still have a few small issues with even figuring out what to macro. Like when should I expand? How many drones should I have? What is the best way to spend ...
  • NA server in reply to What server? by Eurynomos

    I really appreciate the offer but Im on NA server =\
  • ORCA in reply to When in doubt iterate. by zugzug

    My issue with ORCA, and I know this is going to sound ignorant, is that Im normally messed with in one way or another before the 5 minute mark messing up my drone count or my expo and throwing things ...
  • So frustrated.

    So I'm rather new to SC and RTS in general but I love watching the pro games and I'm always watching streams and the daily so I decided to try my hand at it. Now its been about 2 weeks ...
  • A quick fix in reply to Winfestors by mezamury

    So because the main roll of the infestor in the Bl/festor comp is anti air I've decided something a little less micro intensive and have found BL/hydra is working pretty well. I feel like Im starting to actually learn this ...
  • Winfestors in reply to Just starting out for real. by mezamury

    So Im having some issues with the end game. I've been watching stephanos games for ZvP, and when I'm going vs a turteling P or even T I like to go infestor, broodlord, spine crawler because its works very very ...
  • Almost out of bronze in reply to Just starting out for real. by mezamury

    So it's been a few days and my macros getting better and better with each game =D Im currently rank 2 in my bronze division and almost into silver. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I'll be taking my first step twords ...
  • RTSs in reply to Let's just be honest... by ALnoivmee

    Ive always been horrid at RTS sadly. My issue is that I needed something to work off of. I feel that something just isn't click right now unfortunately. I'm trying to ladder and just use my first 7 roaches to ...
  • About a day or so in. in reply to Just starting out for real. by mezamury

    So I've been playing for about a day or so trying to macro more then anything and Im starting to get it down. I've been favoring a 7roach expand build I found. I'm having trouble with either timing the roaches ...
  • Thank you so much in reply to Simplest layouts by gerdro

    This is exactly what I needed thank you so much =D
  • Build orders. in reply to Just starting out for real. by mezamury

    Im not quite sure how to go about finding a build order. I found audio builds, but thats a bit too advanced for me. I also tried TL but again its almost overwhelming. Am I better off going headfirst into ...
  • Just starting out for real.

    Hello all, I've recently decided, after falling in love with the daily and watching it for the past 3 months, to try my hand at SC2. I bought the game long ago due to the shear fact that its a ...