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  • 90% Win in reply to cool idea by chris.reilly.372

    I'm in diamond. If my timings are as I set them to be, I usually end up winning. So, I'd say about 90%.
  • :D in reply to I'm shocked by Para199x

  • Here's against Zerg in reply to Cool by Para199x

    Although it was a very sloppy game, I tried to demonstrate this dt timing - expoing situation. Here's the link.
  • Against Terran in reply to replay vs Z by Para199x

    Sure, however, I do not have one in stock right now :D (I deleted all my replays) I'll get one against a Zerg player tonight, hopefully. In the mean time, Here's one against a Master level Terran player.
  • Who said I used a curse word? in reply to I don't really take part in this conversation by Riuna

    Maybe I said FUN LoL, or FANTASTIC LoL, or FACEBOOK LoL, FOREVER LoL.....You people make me sick... I understand the whole conversation, and the point you are making. But, I would like to remind you that this platform is a ...
  • From my experience in reply to Curious by Para199x

    Well, at the 6:30 - 7 min mark, I have yet to see my opponents have any sort of detection other than the scan (if they have any). When it comes to the attack, I usually have 2-3 dts, 2 ...
  • P v Z or T Strategy

    I am currently a high diamond player that doesn't play too much. However, I do follow and watch relatively a good amount of SC2. I have yet to see any pro (I don't know if anyone else has) to utilize ...
  • Nice Stuff in reply to If you want to know even more by Riuna

    I appreciate it :D
  • TY in reply to you reach a point by Xdeathknight

    Thank you, your response was informative
  • F. LoL in reply to Anyone else want day[9] to try LoL? by DarkLordOfToast

    Yea I said it
  • Promotion Information

    I don't play too much. I play 2-3 weeks then stop for 3 months, lol. But, I've been diamond for the last 3 seasons. I am currently rank 5 Diamond. Does anyone know how Blizzard promotes players? I get the ...