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  • Day[9] Fans at Parse Hosting

    I think you have some fans over here...
  • No problem in reply to Ah by DanSmithKY

    I would really like it if Twitch could embrace the future and find a nice HTML5 alternative to RTMP, but I don't imagine that's going to happen any time soon :/And don't look forward too much; it's hardly groundbreaking and ...
  • Justin pretty much covered a bunch of it in reply to I'm on it by Elmswood

    Not sure how much this really helps considering that you're well into building your application, I thought I'd add a more technical piece of advice as Justin has given a good management-oriented one...I'm sure you're aware of this already, but ...
  • Yes in reply to Cleanup by DanSmithKY

    I was actually entirely aware of all of that -_-I only realised after submitting because normally I don't select all those requirements if they are unneeded, so I'm not at all sure how it happened, but I had a lot ...
  • *blush* in reply to Fantastic! by paul.a.mersiovsky

    I don't know if I'd go that far, but thank you very much :)
  • Sorry in reply to i know its a pain by prometheus0099

    I have neither an Apple developer account nor a mac, both of which would be required to make this for iPhone :(
  • Yep in reply to More power by ntucker

    It's pretty neat. I'll definitely consider implementing that here. If I were making a Win8 app for this (might do), it would certainly go in, as tablet apps demand a higher level of detail that is not satisfied by redirections ...
  • Regarding the REST API in reply to FYI: There is an API by ntucker

    Thanks; I was entirely unaware of that. But while there are .NET libraries for handling REST services, and while I have written my own extensible library that is flexible for a variety of social mediums, there is no built in ...
  • Method of fetching in reply to Technology by ntucker

  • day[9]tv - an app for Windows Phone 8

    So for those of you who follow the reddit page, you may have seen this, but for those who do not: I have created a very simple app for Windows Phone 8 that allows you to keep up with the ...