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  • About: I'm a 32, loves her music, cars and gaming. :) I might have a terrible UK accent and can be quiet, I'm really a big softy and just likes having fun and being chatty so come and chat away and play games. WOOP WOOP. :)
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  • Awesome good times :) in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - To The Moon & Rocket League w/ JP & Anne Munition by Day9

    I can't wait to play this game. :) I was given it as a gift and I love driving games with a fun format to them :) Will enjoy watching and maybe even playing it myself. :DGLHF :D
  • How things are going.... in reply to I always feel bad for asking... But I need help by mirrageofhope

    So to give those that are helping and have donated, I have been overwhelmed mby the help given. <3. I'm near the halfway point of the ammount I need to get stuff paid and have got one of the bills ...
  • I'm liking the idea in reply to 30 Day Fitness Challenges by 1opinionated

    Will put that in practice after the family move to a new home on friday :) Plus with the move I have been lifting a lot of stuff so my arms are getting a good workout so far. :) (shame ...
  • Indeed :) in reply to Mostly Walking - Broken Age #1 by Day9

    I have this in my wish list and had a look at the videos for it. I think it'll be a good one to do. Will definately watch. :)
  • I'd offer... in reply to Anyone in England want to host a fellow DayKnight for a few days? :) by AtlasTowers

    But my UK home is moving about and is in more of the middle east of the UK (Lincolnshire area). Saying that though I know some people commute to London from where I am. I could see if anyone from ...
  • You're welcome in reply to Didn't know... by Kknewkles

  • Stuff Sean Likes in reply to Music that Sean loves - looking for new bands to listen to by Kknewkles

    In the general forum you'll find this and find music as well that might be of interest as well as peoples suggestions. Here's the link if you cant find it 'stuff sean likes' Just click on music. :)
  • Thank you so far.... in reply to I always feel bad for asking... But I need help by mirrageofhope

    I wish to thank everyone so far in helping share and donate for me. I am so greatful for all of you folks out there and thankfull. With what's been raised so far, that would help me cover court costs ...
  • With you!!! in reply to Euro DayKnights!! Need input!!! by SteppeLively

    Sounds great :) I know Trumpet tried with an EU dayKnights time but not many of us could do it still because of work or plans.When it comess to games I'm pretty open with all forms of games appart from ...
  • :) hugs :) in reply to *hug* by idlesatire

    Thank you. I will try. <3
  • Thank you so much. :) in reply to Posting Here by ZeroSigma

    The help and support mean a lot to me. I appreciate it. :) <3
  • I always feel bad for asking... But I need help

    As some of you know I've been dealing with my dad for some time (from his diagnosis with cancer to his passing). It has been really difficult but I have been trying to stay positive and still trying to be ...
  • I was both in reply to Us yanks call it baton by renn

    I did both marching majorette, solo and duo baton competitions and even the old pom poms. I kept my old baton and still use it to this day. :) Might be short for me now but still usable. :)
  • Best way to tell is to show it :) in reply to Majorettes? by Lecta

    #'s like Day9's pen skills but with a metal stick the length of your arm that has rubber ends to ballence it out. It's another form of dancing I guess you can say. :) (hurts if you get it wrong ...
  • Yeah in reply to You can does it! by Lecta

    I looked at many options over the years as I do have exensively heavy/painful periods which is why I ended up with the pill. I had to be careful though with what I took as oestrogen made me more depressed ...
  • Thank you :D in reply to Fingers crossed! by Kitty4Cat

    I hope so too... This could be something i've dealt with for a very long time and only now have the doctors recognised it. Will be glad when it's sorted. :) (It's ok btw.... I don't think the name dave ...
  • Thank you. :) in reply to Lady issues :( by renn

    I've had my birth control pills ever since I was 16 so it's been 15 years I've been on those things and had to go through a few (some had too high oestrogen and caused some of my depression to ...
  • Well blow me down and call me Dave... in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    Hi everyone. I've been having. A hard time recently with weight as it's not budged. Even with my cycling. And since this is mostly a ladies place to go to, I can also say I have been a sufferer off ...
  • It's ok... in reply to Hit a roadblock by renn

    I'm still finding things hard myself as I have lost my dad 3 months ago so motivation, wanting to grieve, figuring things out.... I get it.You have the right to grieve and take time off if you need to because ...
  • Hope it all goes well.... in reply to No show, I'm MOVING! :D by Day9

    For you and there's not too much stress for everyone especially the despy and Sherrif. :) Happy moving times. :)