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  • About: I'm a 32, loves her music, cars and gaming. :) I might have a terrible UK accent and can be quiet, I'm really a big softy and just likes having fun and being chatty so come and chat away and play games. WOOP WOOP. :)
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  • Ooooh... in reply to Day[9] Daily #536 - Defending well with Standard TvP - GanZi vs SaSe by Day9

    Glad I'm staying up again tonight. Will try to last this time. :) (yay 4 in the morning!!! :D :P )
  • Thank you. :) in reply to Oldie like me by Richard

    I tend to use facebook a fair bit for my family and my dad over in Spain so it's all good. :) Thank you for adding me to your page :)
  • Oldie but Goody ;) :D in reply to Lets make 2013 the year of the kind word by Richard

    Don't worry I'm older too (turning 30 this year O.o.... Scary thought). If you'd like to share the link to your new page or the name that would be awesome. :D Would love to see it. :)
  • Mine is simple in reply to NEW YEAR RESOLUTION!! (Updated) by MadPanda

    Kill the batman! :P Sorry I'm joking really badly. :PFor me it would be to just improve and have fun all the way no matter weather I'm in bronze and end up staying there or really improve more than I ...
  • Rental Reminder for the month of January in reply to Day[9] Re(nt)minder by sheesha

    Don't forget Sean. :) Only got about 4 days left. Hope you've had an awesome christmas holiday and all the best for 2013. :) <3
  • Done in reply to AWESOME! by ploks

    And sorted :D So glad I could share these out :D Hope you've been having a great christmas :D :)
  • I still have Dota2 to gift in reply to Hey I would love a key if you still have one :) by ploks

    If you'd like it? :) I still have 6 Dota2 to gift to anyone who'd love to play the game with us. :)
  • For the love of Thunderbirds

    He will be sadly missed. He has entertained us so much through the years. Edit: My boyfriend put it better than myself so I used his words as well as these two youtube links that I thought was so brilliant ...
  • If anyone is interested in the game in reply to Dota 2 by Blues

    And would like to play it, I've been given 5 dota2 keys on my steam if anyone would like to one. :) (I would have given one to my boyfriend but his mac is so bad that it won't use ...
  • <3 :) in reply to Happy Holidays by Philosopher

    Wishing everyone a happy, healthy christmas. :) Hope you are all having a great time so far. <3 <3 :)
  • I tend to forget as well in reply to I usually don't by Riuna

    But I usually have my phone by my bedside so if I really need to then I write it in my draft text section. (If I did all my dreams to my phone I think I'd overload it and have ...
  • My advice in reply to Can I become great at this game, even though I'm a slight gimp? by meanmeany

    My boyfriend has had alot of people telling him he wouldn't be able to do stuff because of his extreme autism. Heck we went to the same school and they told him he would be a waste of money putting ...
  • I get vivid dreams a fair bit in reply to The most vivid dream ever by clayton.budd.5

    I tend to be wary about some of them as they can turn into night terrors but all in all they can be very random, real and with hyper sensitivity (colours, touch, tastes and smells for me go in overdrive). ...
  • Am I getting the dates right? in reply to Day[9] Re(nt)minder by sheesha

    Since Sean paid the rent early last time, that meant he didn't really need to pay until the end of this month...? Am I right?(I'm bad sometimes with paying some of my bills... Ooops :P ) So if I've got ...
  • I like a Muse too :) in reply to Might be a bit mainstream but.. by Lineste

    The 2nd Law album is really good. The video to this kind of makes me feel like it's an ongoing one to David Guetta's video to his dance tune Titanium. (I think it's just how my mind works ;P ) ...
  • For the fans of GoT in reply to All the things by Riuna

    Sean and Tristan have done an episode on their new show of this.Yes it's Game of Thrones :D I don't know about you folks but as I am a GoT fan I'm really looking forward to the beverage. Thought I'd ...
  • Go see the film! in reply to Should I read or watch the Hobbit? by Schnaiper

    It is magnificent! I had all of the LotR and the Hobbit read to me by my dad as a kid as bed time stories (as well as history books of Japan) and both the film and book compliment each ...
  • Was expecing to work Even on Christmas eve... in reply to How's your winter break? by Day9

    But apart from working this Sunday, it looks like I'm off even at christmas! YEA!... Means though that I've not really planned very far ahead. :P I do have a christmas party to go to on Friday (which I'm sure ...
  • Oooh! :) in reply to Metadating #5 - Katawa Shoujo by Day9

    Have heard about it and have been told good things about it. I've even gone to the site and it really looks good. Might end up getting the torrent I need to get the laptop to read it and play ...
  • As Take That once said... in reply to What happened to Funday Monday? by Albatross

    Have a little patience.