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  • About: I'm a 32, loves her music, cars and gaming. :) I might have a terrible UK accent and can be quiet, I'm really a big softy and just likes having fun and being chatty so come and chat away and play games. WOOP WOOP. :)
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  • Oooh this is an old memory in reply to The Beach Boys-Surfin' USA by Kitty4Cat

    My mum used to <3 The Beach Boys and would play it in the car when I was between 2-4 years old. :) I still know some of them off by heart to this day thanks to the good old ...
  • Ahem :)...Ladies and gents! :D in reply to Who is The global Day[9]-community? by NaahsTea

    Thought I'd make it big with the title.. lolAnyway :)Where are you from? I live in the UK. :) At the moment I'm home sweet home in Lincolnshire (East of the UK) and I grew up in Kent (it being ...
  • One of my favourite :D in reply to Sometimes I jump on the memory train by Riuna

    This tune got me through alot when I was a teen :) Love it. <3
  • Can't wait. :D in reply to Subscriber Monobattles 12/2! by Day9

    Will be watching away :D
  • Sitting back... Till now in reply to Acceptance and the SC2 Community by Philosopher

    I've been looking at this thread since this all started and I'm so happy to be in this group. Trolls will be around not just in the gaming world but everywhere. I've had people call me a demon, ugly and ...
  • My Love - Justin Timberlake in reply to The Day[9] Music Librarium! by M15CH13F

    Sooo I have been doing my usual daily stuff and got online and stumbled on my youtube suggestions tooo.... this.
  • Awww :D in reply to Venus Razor by Lefice

    So cute! :D I love the line shading. :) Awesome work Lefice. :D
  • I lift in reply to Do you even lift? by jbigg2012

    Heavy stock in work... Does that count? ;) :P
  • Thank you :D :) in reply to Sure! by Day9

    Ok. :) so having that focus and "the final step" of say Colossus/Stalker/Immortal/Templar while having the open mind and view of the environment to give other ideas a go like fully upgraded Zealots and/or Sentries. (I think I've got it ...
  • Is there one for us Ladies?? in reply to Simply Roach by jbigg2012

    ;) :P
  • I wanted to ask But... Might sound silly in reply to Day[9] Daily #526 - Scarlett vs Nerchio by Day9

    Plus I'm also tired and can't type :P Was thinking what best parts of Scarlett's play would be good to use for someone like me who is a Protoss player. What can I ..."Mutate" over. Being a newby it might ...
  • Yea :D in reply to Day[9] Daily #526 - Scarlett vs Nerchio by Day9

    I'm looking forward to this :) Been interested in Scarlett's play from this actual play in LSC2. :D Been wondering If I could alter some of her play and try it out as Protoss. :P
  • Kerrigan If she was taken by Protoss in reply to Fan/Game Drawings, artwork and all things creative by mirrageofhope

    # I finished and thought I'd put it up. :) I did the old moving it over but I don't think it liked the size.... Who knows. :P Anyway let me know what you think. (I like it but I ...
  • Creative Juices in reply to Fan/Game Drawings, artwork and all things creative by mirrageofhope

    So... My mind has put Manfred drawing on hold as another prominent idea has come to my mind... What if Karrigan was taken by the Protoss instead of the Zerg and they modified her... Was on DeviantArt again and noticed ...
  • wow in reply to Be Bold. Make your own damn poster. by SEMlickspo

    That's an awesome wall. :D Yea a friend of mine did something similar and has a night-time city layout on one wall. Unfortunately this wasn't around when I did my room at my dads place years ago but I myself ...
  • Awww :D in reply to Sadling by Lefice

    Bless. ^-^ I like it :) (yep the link is working fine) :)
  • Thank you in reply to Waytao Shing by emmaming

  • I love that pic in reply to This one? by emmaming

    Who did the pic again? I know Day9 mentioned them before but I forgot.
  • That looks so good :P in reply to Then you might even like this one more ! by Lineste

    I've always liked the drinks and shots that look similar to this :) Both of them look so good :D :) (Someone take me to Paris... I'm only over the water in the UK . ;P ) Hopefully I'll get ...
  • Ah yes! in reply to Pls remember by Riuna

    I forgot to add that. :P If you like I'll add the Funday Monday thread link to the intro of this one? :)