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  • About: I'm a 32, loves her music, cars and gaming. :) I might have a terrible UK accent and can be quiet, I'm really a big softy and just likes having fun and being chatty so come and chat away and play games. WOOP WOOP. :)
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  • Thee Day9 Daily Request Thread

    As our dear Day 9 suggested in the daily #523. This shall be a glorious thread for all those suggestions that bubble up in our minds for any/all of the dailys that you would like to see. So leave your ...
  • I know i'm from the UK in reply to Happy Thanksgiving! by Bru

    But I'd like to say happy thanksgiving to all and to day9 :) Hope you all have an awesome day. :) <3 x
  • Oooh :P in reply to Here's a BFH for you ;) Line 'em up ! by Lineste

    I'm liking that BFH :D Line em up! :P Thank you for showing the drink. Looks really awesome. :)
  • I love to browse in reply to Fan/Game Drawings, artwork and all things creative by mirrageofhope

    So I thought I'd browse round deviant art website and see what I've missed and stumbled on an awesome pic I'd love to share to you guys called Swarm Host done buy a Mr--Jack. :D Swarm Host.
  • Sounds fantastic :D in reply to Barcrafts - Meltdown (Europe) by Lineste

    I'd love a bar like that to go to. :D Good to know they'd be giving London UK a go. Hopefully if it goes really well they could expand further into the UK and hopefully further still. Maybe some other ...
  • Nothing has been mentioned in reply to Streaming today? by dexter.marksbarber

    That i'm aware of but I'm sure Day9 will start back up once he's all sorted from being in China. :)
  • Having an old moment in reply to The Day[9] Music Librarium! by M15CH13F

    I'm going through an old 90's till now dance moment..... Again. :P Oh boy do I feel old. Haha! :D
  • I love this tune :) in reply to Adele - Skyfall by Riuna

    I've been playing that among other tunes as well. I highly recommend the film as I've not really watched all the Bond ones myself but this one was one I can happily watch over and over again. :)
  • I love this :D in reply to Favorite Numbers by Naelavok

    As there is so much superstitions/beliefs in world history when it comes to numbers. :) My favourite number is 13 (unlucky for some) as this is one of those numbers that I find the most fascinating in history and religious ...
  • Every cloud has a silver lining in reply to :( by IIIIllIIIIl

    :) I don't think it sounds weak. It's alright. :) Everything happens for a reason and things didn't turn out that bad. :) I enjoy the stuff I do all the more now than what it could have been.
  • I enjoyed little bits in reply to The Maths! by IIIIllIIIIl

    I'm going to be truthful here and say that I failed miserably in maths. But that's not to say I didn't like all of it. I used to like maths in Physics and Engineering. In fact if it wasn't for ...
  • Yea in reply to Hm. Looks familiar by itsbecca

    I was thinking the same. At a glance it looks like a similar look to youtube (which is fine for youtube to an extent) but I'm noticing some other sites trying to imitate that "successful layout" which in all honesty ...
  • got a new manfred :) in reply to Your Manfreds and their stories by feyn

    He's really a kinda key ring teddy. They've called him coconut, I'd like to call him Manky.... Might end up calling him Manky Coconut :P (Yea I know that's bad) He's really cute and I think I'll have him look ...
  • Day9 in reply to day9.c by majorwood

    Coding huh? Been years since I've been able to read it properly (won't go into it all as it was a personal thing). Would love to get back into it again. :)
  • And then It came to me... in reply to Fan/Game Drawings, artwork and all things creative by mirrageofhope

    So doing my usual look about the world wide inter-webs and I've thought of a picture I'd love to draw. :) Will give it a link up once it's done.... Well once I've the time off from work as well. ...
  • Even the teddy's at it! in reply to Post you w/ your legs/feet up! by Day9

    I actually cant get my legs out to rest like that. I've an uncomfortable single sofa seat (epic fail)so I've pretty much got my legs over the arm instead (or I do Scarlett and have me knees up to my ...
  • The paitent pending ecape in reply to Hunger Games @ Home Depot by sleepingmentat

    I wouldn't need to do much. Just grab me: The rest is Pretty much me in a nutshell. Let everyone else do all the fighting and have the crowbar as just self defence, use the crowbar to break the doors ...
  • You've got my vote :) in reply to Starting a Starcraft Family by Candle

    Good luck. :)
  • Would this be any good? in reply to Christmas Fundraiser (Read) by AjaxsUzername

    I've had a search online whilst i've got 3 days off and found one charity so far if you want to have a look? World Vision Donations Will add some more when I can find them. :)
  • I might be British in reply to November 6, 2012 - The day I voted for Sean Plott by Kitty4Cat

    But I'd still vote for day9 :) (^.^)b