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  • About: I'm a 32, loves her music, cars and gaming. :) I might have a terrible UK accent and can be quiet, I'm really a big softy and just likes having fun and being chatty so come and chat away and play games. WOOP WOOP. :)
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  • Almost forgot in reply to I almost forgot I had Steam :s by mirrageofhope

    I stumbled on Magic the gathering: Tactics which I'm enjoying ( the game plays a smidge like Heroes of Might and Magic 3 :D) so if i'm on and anyone wants to join? :)
  • I'm an.... Ok cook... in reply to The NomNomNom Thread by Riuna

    But I'll be honest I leave the cakes and biscuits to the pros. :PI don't cook so much cooking due to cash flow but I do love Miso Soup and sushi. :P Aaaand maybe chips(fries) and battered sausage from the ...
  • Never Give Up :) <3 in reply to hello day 9 by warcheetah

    It's so awesome that you have such a great goal in life. :) At my age, even now I don't really get accepted for my love of gaming and enjoying that more than a sun tan. But I'll never give ...
  • I've had this in my head to keep me sane in reply to The Day[9] Music Librarium! by M15CH13F

    Well.... It's really 2 tunes both from Muse's new album the 2nd Law. Follow me and Madness.
  • Glad you put this up :) in reply to How Day[9] Became My Hero by krisna.siv

    I'd say that it's a similar thing for me too. Sean has cheered me up recently as I've had alot (and still do) of stuff that are less of ninja stars and more a Samurai's sword injuries with scars that ...
  • Still Game Of Throning a tune in reply to My love of all music and SC2 noob by mirrageofhope

    I know this is slightly off... A smidge at least. but as I mentioned above in my last comment, I've been trying to create a game of thrones tune using one of the lesser known ones from the HBO series ...
  • I can't do digital myself in reply to Some of my stuff by Incurvatus

    I find it really hard since I'm left handed..... Yet I've been taught to use a mouse and keyboard right handed so I can really appreciate anyone and everyone who does digital art. :) (can be a pain for me ...
  • Ooooh :D in reply to look for my Sarah Kerrigan fanart :) by jerome.e.jagonia

    I love your Cloud, Psylocke, And Kerrigan! They're awesome! :D Love it all. :)
  • It's alright in reply to It should work now by LordMatsu

    :) at least it's up, and I must say this stuff is so cool! :D :)
  • It's alright :) in reply to i'm sorry i'm spamming by khaoz

    Nothing wrong in showing your talent :) And I must admit you've done some amazing stuff! :D
  • That is.. in reply to hello by khaoz

    Awesome! :D Will certainly have a look. :)
  • Oh yea it is isn't it in reply to Exception by Kitty4Cat

    Xo Sorry. I don't know my months and days lately.
  • Movember (Moustache November) in reply to Erm... by Riuna

    In this month of November we have both breast cancer awareness month (to spread awareness among women about breast cancer) and the guys have Movember (to grow a moustache to spread awareness of testicular cancer). I think it's something that ...
  • Fan/Game Drawings, artwork and all things creative

    Something I've not seen yet is a place to show off any fan pictures, Star Craft drawings or even a page of artwork for any games or ANYTHING you all love. So I thought I'd start this up for anyone ...
  • I almost forgot I had Steam :s in reply to Steam by rsm241

    I've not played one of my games on steam in a good couple of years so I completely forgot having it until recently. I've only got Audiosurf on it if anyone likes a game with your own music. My Id ...
  • Something i've been playing.... Too much. lol in reply to For Music Lovers by blissLove

    The tune kinda brings me back to a certain time in my life so thought... Maybe someone would like it too? anyway here's the link. :) Chase & Status - End Credits
  • Yea! :) in reply to Day[9]'s Playlist and Songs of the Day by Day9

    Thank you. :) You have good taste Sir! :D
  • Hey :) in reply to Hello! by Valiant

    I'm pretty much the same. I'm doing the campaign at the moment and vs AI. I'm pretty much a casual gamer and just like to have fun. :) I'm in the UK and would like to chat and learn/play some ...
  • the body canne take it in reply to EU-Friendly broadcast time by Nidhogg

    Yea... When the live shows start it's about 2:40 till 4 ish in the morning here in the UK and I'd love to watch more live shows in the future. I tried watching 2 nights in a row including Amnesia:Justine ...