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  • About: I'm a 32, loves her music, cars and gaming. :) I might have a terrible UK accent and can be quiet, I'm really a big softy and just likes having fun and being chatty so come and chat away and play games. WOOP WOOP. :)
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  • Sounds awesome :D in reply to I just ordered it today! by renn

    I need to get back to biking as well. Recently got told my sisters bike is finally fixed and since she's pregnant, she's not using it so I'm hoping to nab it and get fit with the bke as well ...
  • Sweet :)... in reply to TBG Cup - Sideboard Tournament in Manchester by Balgrin

    I don't know if i'll be still in the UK though as I still have alot to do back in Spain but it's good to know there's a tourney in an area I know and could possibly go. I would ...
  • I myself don't gym... in reply to I have no idea what I'm doing. by renn

    A lot of the things gym does and has can be done at home tbh. For chardio kind of things as well as just working out all of the body, I tend to dance (taking some moves from different pop ...
  • Please don't be offended... I haven't played MtG. in reply to Merch Idea by Terakahn

    Just a thought really.... As Sean has merchandise already and has his logo as a mouse mat, would it be seasy to have the same thing but in a larger size for the use of MtG?
  • Yeah :) in reply to do myst/riven or any of the broken sword series would be crazy good by kristjan-sigursson-ekki-nytt

    I believe Day9 wanted to do one or two of them but his PC at the time was playing up..... Maybe if he gives them a go this time whenever he's free to do it, then fingers crossed he might ...
  • Music videos is fine :) in reply to This works for me by Irony

    Anything that gets us in a good mood is totally fine. :) It's a good tune. :D
  • These guys are great.... in reply to The goodness post box by mirrageofhope

    I watch this couple's channel for a long time now and they do great reviews of Korean music as well as the food and places there. They are lovely and are so positive no matter what. They also have a ...
  • Yeah.... in reply to The Struggle Is Real!!! by 1opinionated

    It's been really hard this week as alot's happened. not only have I been down still but i've had alot of friends down too and my closest friend has been told his old friend got taken into hospital from an ...
  • .... Honestly.... in reply to Again with the cats by Haffa

    Cats in their younger years will need alot more attention than when they get older so in Day9's case they are energetic, explore alot and need attention... BUT a PC switch off is quicker to deal with than the x-split ...
  • Ooooh... in reply to Step 1 by 1opinionated

    Thank you for the youtube channel suggestion :) Will have a look at that. :D Thank you. :)
  • Fit... in reply to Welcome, Laura! by 1opinionated

    For me means being able to walk up a hill or big set ofstairs without gasping for breath, being able to ride a bike again like the kid I am and was and be able to bike fast or chill ...
  • I need to loose some weight.... in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    As youmight know i'm going through a bit at the moment. Usually i've always been a small girl even as a kid and been just under the average weight for my size even through bad times... But this year I ...
  • Music creativity in reply to The goodness post box by mirrageofhope

    This page helps me get fun and creative which in turn brings a lil happiness. I hope this helps you too. I found this on Stubleupon. Happy tune time. :)IncrediBox v3
  • The problem is... in reply to Heroes of the Storm Beta Keys by zrqkyvx

    I don't have anyone who's interested in the slightest about it in real life. So those keys I have are as good as wasted if I go by the rules of Blizzard. And to be brutally honest the only people ...
  • I have some too I need to give away in reply to Heroes of the Storm Beta Keys! by 52oreoz

    What reigion are your keys? Mine are EU so maybe we should have your thread as a HotS key place for all fellow dayKnight friends?
  • Caught on youtube... in reply to How did you discover Day[9]? by Terakahn

    If i remember i stubles acros the youtube videos whilst going through my videos over 3 years ago now and got hooked onto the enjoyment of his streams since. It was also what got me into Starcraft2 as well. :)
  • Maybe... in reply to King of Manners by Scav

    I may stream it as my friend has a deck a bit like Day9's King of manners Druid plus we are playing the new adventure also. Will see...
  • GLHF :) in reply to Some News, Kinda by GMFaustus

    I wish you well and a thank you for everything. :) No doubt we'll miss you but I hope all goes well for you and your future. :)
  • Hope you have a well rested time off :) in reply to No Show - Taking the Day Off! by Day9

    With Despy, Sheriff and friends :)
  • Sounds good :) in reply to DayKnight Time #52 by Trumpetmcool

    I won't be playing as i'm too tired but I do have 4 beta keys for HotS EU if anyone would like them. :)