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  • Of course! in reply to I can't participate that weekend (darn it!) by bluedrop

    The stream will be going for several hours, and I believe our donation widget will be live before and after the event (I'll check back to see when we'll have it go live, but generally it is up at least ...
  • Rumble in the Bronze- Starcraft Charity looking for volunteers!

    Once again, we will be featuring some low level players from the Starcraft community for our event. BUT FIRST you guys will have a chance to participate in the event! We are holding a one-day "offline" qualifying mini-tournament to compete ...
  • oh nice in reply to It has been done before by Riuna

    brothers casting brothers. :P I find it odd that people want them to cast together so much. I don't care how much you love your sibling, I just feel like something like casting would be too much of an opportunity ...
  • you never know in reply to Both of them? by paul.stern.186

    He could get stuck on one puzzle for an hour. YOU NEVER KNOW
  • why use font? in reply to Favourite advice by Moomintroll

    I got mine done in my own handwriting, but seeing as it was advice to myself, I guess that makes sense.
  • Probably my favorite argument about tattoos in reply to Tattoos by Karma

    PSA from Red vs Blue. It contains good advice that helped me in my decision: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2pSt2gACrc I have a tattoo on my right hip where no one can see it because I'm a teacher. It's in my own handwriting, and ...
  • I'll be in the chat again in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - BioShock: Infinite Day 2 by Day9

    I'll be in the chat again, but as I've only played the first hour of the game myself, I will not be watching the stream. I'll also try not to fall asleep in my chair again at midnight :P
  • 3 hours later in reply to In montreal.. by fluffyastarias

    If you're on the East coast you are 3 hours ahead of the West coast. I think that means 1 PM for you
  • gah in reply to Narwhal streaming by narwhal

    Okay the stream quality was crap. Glitchy and laggy both. This is what happens when you build a computer out of mostly used parts your friend gives you for free haha.I'll see what I can do about upgrading it. Might ...
  • going live! in reply to Narwhal streaming by narwhal

  • Narwhal streaming in reply to Community Streams by Riuna

    Hello fellow people of the forums. I will be streaming for the first time today at about 6 PM mid Europe time, so roughly three hours from now. I'm not doing anything particularly amazing (although my friends think it might ...
  • Root for Gowerly! in reply to 2013 DreamHack Open: Stockholm by Riuna

    Don't forget to support Day9 mod Gowerly who is competing! :D
  • What did you sing? in reply to That Reminds Me.... by SteppeLively

    If I got a vocal degree, I would totally sing the turret opera. I think two degrees is enough for now though, I'll stick to being a teacher :)
  • >_> in reply to Waaah by BlackBird7twitch

    Oi oi, I showed up for like, 2 hours last night before falling asleep in my chair. Sides, I had to sing Zia's song from Bastion at a coffee house which gave me an opportunity to show students, parents, and ...
  • You know you're a true gamer when... in reply to You know your a true gamer when... by JiN

    More of your friends refer to you as narwhal than the do by your real name, even when talking to you in person
  • Get Lucky in reply to The Day[9] Music Librarium! by M15CH13F

    New Daft Punk song of course :P
  • Hard in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - BioShock: Infinite by Day9

    I won't be there to see it, nor have I played the game yet (need some time and money first), but I do know there were sections of your play through of Dark Souls that the viewers did not find ...
  • SO in reply to Quick question - Short answer(s) by Riuna

    Does Day[9] not wear glasses anymore because his eye surgery got rid of his need for them or does he just always wear contacts nowadays? I don't know how eye surgery works.
  • Target audience in reply to DAY[9]TV Youtube Videos by SpyroDragon

    Hey there! As a high school teacher I totally understand your concern. I tell kids not to swear all day because it's not the time or place for it, and it is somewhat crude. However, as a language teacher, I ...
  • k then in reply to I'd back you up Narwhal!! by LordMatsu

    I vote prom then