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  • Day9 talk about roommate communication

    I've been looking for Day9's talk about talking to his roommate in the hypothetical situation where she leaves dishes out without washing them. Haven't been able find the talk :(. Would appreciate any help.
  • Faster than Light VODs

    Hi Day9 + all you wonderful moderators. While looking for the FTL VODs, I found that they were private. Some scavenging through the forums revealed that they were being released while you are away and can't upload content. While I ...
  • Iccup in reply to Starcraft Broodwar by reuben.bartlett.37

    I've been getting back into BW. Back when I played frequently, I got up to C- but now I can't even get out of D XD. I switched from Z to T which may have something to do with it ...
  • Charity Showmatch in reply to Team Fortress 2 by ntucker

    Here's his game. I love watching TF2 Day9. XD. Thanks for helping out the TF2 community Sean!
  • Oui in reply to HOTS Beta Keys (For the swarm!) by Musick

    Yes I would love one.はい、お願いします