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  • email in reply to Thanks by Jailak

    neocow AT gmail
  • Volunteering in reply to 9Captions-Website development help anyone? by Jailak

    Would also like to help in any way I can. Work in web app development and always exploring new projects. :)
  • ManaGrind Tournaments

    Apparently have been going on Wednesdays / Fridays for a while now? They're free to sign up, and the only stipulation is that you can't play with epic or legendary cards.
  • DK Friends! in reply to DayKnight Hearthstone Friends List (NA) by Bedouin

    Real Name: TymBattleTag: neocow#1625Voice Chat: Skype/Vent/Teamspeak Playstyle: Mostly control...I try to go aggro sometimes but haven't mastered that mindset.Willing to give help: As much as I can, but I'm still not always sure what's "correct" in places.
  • No More Tink'er in reply to Very fun, but very Streaky rogue deck by Sheol

    What do you think about replacing Tinkmaster now that his usefulness is minimal at best?
  • By Fire, Be Purged! in reply to About Ragnaros by BorgLeader

    I got Rag yesterday with Tink'er dust and he's finished the hero off in about half my games so far. Definitely worth having, you just have to watch when you play it.
  • np in reply to Yes! by Benorf

    Just too bad I didn't see this thread before now! :)
  • Indeed, disconnect is a real issue. in reply to Could not Agree More by PickledParsleyParty

    I try to give the benefit of the doubt since this sometimes happens to me too (especially if I'm winning.....), but I was in a match yesterday where the guy was still taunting the whole time letting me know he ...
  • Yep in reply to Trying to find a daily... by Benorf

    It was the first daily I ever watched. :) That particular game starts at 13:55.
  • I know I'm late... in reply to Sign-ups are now open! by Anuzarg

    Is this still going on?
  • Don't worry about not being good :) in reply to Anuzarg's Stream by Anuzarg

    All of us are at different levels of play and casting, and we're all part of the same community. It should be our goal to support each other. ;-)Best of luck with your stream!
  • Streaming HearthStone in reply to The watchers List of DayKnight Streamers by mirrageofhope

    Just really started streaming, but no webcam / mic *yet* (soon). Been trying to do HS arena runs to try it out and stuff. Seems to work well with my comp and connection.One thing I've considered is that my friends ...
  • I Know Which One You Mean! in reply to Trying to find a daily... by Benorf

    I think this was seriously the first daily I ever watched. Will try to find it again for you!
  • Idle / AFK in reply to Hearthstone BM (And Hearthstone BM?) by PickledParsleyParty

    When someone waits until they get to 0 health, I think that's mostly okay, they could be trying a new deck and seeing what cards they draw or know that they have a board-clearing card and need to top-deck it ...
  • api in reply to excellent by eaglefox

    If they release an API for HearthStone, which they might since it will be used across devices, and they seem to be gearing up for the eSports scene, then it should be somewhat easy to set up something like this.
  • autocomplete in reply to Things are actually going amazingly by Day9

    I agree that people just know where to go instead of searching on Google. Anymore I just type "da" into my chrome omnibar and it brings up day9.tv, twitch.com/day9tv, and youtube.com/day9tv... Much easier to get where I want to go.
  • Gearing up for wedding photos! in reply to Gettin in shape thread! by Day9

    In the past couple years I've fluctuated in periods of working out and...not working out. Started at 225, then 185, now settled around 195-200 for the past 6 months. I want to get down a bit more again since I ...
  • +1 in reply to YOU need a high five for cheerful encouragement! by akio.takahashi

  • Is this it? in reply to Which Day9 Daily Funday Monday...? by bozdoz

    I think this might be it, daily 418 p3 about 4:15 the first time, then from 6-7 minutes again. ...And again at 8:30 and 9:30. And finishes from 12-13. :)http://day9.tv/d/QuibsY/baby-baby-baby-baby-baby/
  • Democracy in reply to I find it rather by LordMatsu

    and anarchy were only recently added today, mostly in order to get through the conveyor belt maze (spend over a full day in there). I've watched it off-and-on in the back ground since day 1. It's interesting how much it's ...