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  • *Salute* in reply to The Vision is Picturesque and Glorious. by Cosmic

    Much obliged!
  • I've been thinking... in reply to Oh no..... by Cosmic

    Yeah, I have a feeling that this is actually not that odd among the gaming community, so I usually get blank stares when I tell people about this 'amazing plan'. I guess it's just a big departure from the way ...
  • Skype info above in reply to What a fantastic question! by AquaMarine

    My skype info is actually in the above post, so feel free to add me, and we can work from there :).
  • Message..message in reply to Well by AquaMarine

    Ah, message you...I'm probably being thick, but how do I do that? I swear, I looked for the PM button.
  • I've heard great things... in reply to Another Free to Play (F2P) game by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    Yeah, I've heard great things about the SWTOR campaign, but had no idea it was now F2P! Time allowing, I'll definitely check it out.
  • Apparently, a title field is required? in reply to Regarding Time... by AquaMarine

    Hehe, considering how much I work across timezones, you'd think I'd remember to note mine: PST. I was being a bit purposely vague by saying every day, because I really plan to play at least 5 days a week, at ...
  • Operation: Too Much Free Time

    Hello, Day9ers! I've been a long-time watcher of the daily and whatnots, and I have an idea! An awful idea. I have a wonderful, awful idea! For the next few weeks, I have tons of free time and almost no ...