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  • work work work in reply to Awesome! by CryptoMaker

    I wrote a script using Youtube Search API to grab all hearthstone themed shows from Day9's channel, then plugged it all into the spreadsheet.Now we know exactly how many shows are there to do in total (523!! as of this ...
  • Progress! in reply to alrighty then by opher-vishnia

    I saw you beat me to the punch on the OTK shadowpriest :)I'm updating this post and the doc so people know we've moved to a spreadsheet.I also started looking at actually making a soundpack (or at least replacing an ...
  • alrighty then in reply to Sheets by CryptoMaker

    No argument on data querying - eventually all data should be structured in some way.I agree that it's easier to insert data this way but it's not perfect, and that's why I'm a bit on the fence. For instance - ...
  • Yay! in reply to Spreadsheet? by CryptoMaker

    Awesome! Thank you so much:) In general I completely agree regarding structured data - While google docs is more conveinent in terms of data insertion, it's definitely not the most ideal platform for data retrieval.
  • DAY9 Hearthstone soundbite project! you're welcome to help out

    Edit: With CryptoMaker's enormous help this project is starting to take shape! --------------------------------- So this is a little personal project I've been working on while watching the Decktaculars.