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  • Are the endings of all the videos cut off? in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Walking Dead Season 2 by Day9

    just one minute carver appears next they're in the truck!
  • Stay strong! in reply to Breadlust by Day9

    I can't say that i have shared this pain but i know how much this means to you day, so keep at it! NO TO BREAD!!!
  • I'm very sorry Michael in reply to Wasn't being snarky by LordMatsu

    I would like to put an end to this weird argument/conversation or whatever it is! you have been very helpful to me in the past and i simply over reacted to what i perceived to be a very tongue in ...
  • Thank you stephanie in reply to Twitch has the unedited VODs instantly for subscribers by SteppeLively

    your responses have been excellent and clear and i completely understand that this is simply a twitch feature. thank you. i was in no way having a go at day9 in any way so could michael easter chill the fuck ...
  • There's no need for snarki responses thanks. in reply to Lol by LordMatsu

    I was merely saying that i find it very odd that you cant watch any videos on twitch AT all without paying for a subscription when they are all on archive for free anyway...who on earth would pay. but thanks ...
  • ok in reply to Past Broadcasts by SteppeLively

    so in essence you can only watch day9 on twitch live otherwise you need to subscribe? i really am lost as to the point of this when he lets you watch the videos for free on the archive? just when ...
  • Quick question regarding twitch tv day9

    Is it not possible to watch any of day9's vids on twitch without subscribing? i only get the black screen please subscibe message and the videos never load past that.
  • thanks so much in reply to Do what you want to do by Stark464

    any response is helpful and i cant express how nice it is to hear this from someone day9 or not!
  • Day9, a plea for help and guidance! in reply to Blog #2: Getting a job in eSports. by Day9

    Day9, I am writing to you as an avid fan of your work, passion and above all ability to actually DO the things you want to do.... I write to you in the hope of some small snippet of wisdom ...
  • day off suggestion in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Please play the walking dead season 1 as i'd love to know the choices you would make in it and since you've already done season 2, i'd really love to see how you'd do it although i know you've already ...
  • Who? in reply to Kitty by LordMatsu

    How would i go about contacting this person? i'm new and so have no clue what i'm doing! :P
  • Video/Daily find Day9 dance

    Anyone know which daily/video it is that day9 shows with his "click for next video"? Where he dances in his chair? sorry if this is not something that's done this is my first post and i really want to find ...
  • Go day9 in reply to Completely agree by Day9

    Keep up your good work! Can't wait to see the fruits of your labours!! :D