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  • Dropzone

    Dropzone is a 1v1 MOBA/RTS game that just went into open beta, and I've been really enjoying it. Any other dayknights playing Dropzone?
  • You're definitely not the only one in reply to So why does it have to be a daily? by michaelccook

    Trust me, there are many people who would be thrilled to have day[9] return to sc2. And he'll very likely be returning at least to BW shortly. However, I doubt he'll stop making hearthstone content, if only because he's a ...
  • You're like 2 years behind the times in reply to Sean / Day9 / whatever u call urself... by michaelccook

    Day[9] stopped making starcraft content almost 2 years ago. He started working with artillery even before that, and eventually found that it was not possible for him to produce high quality starcraft dailies while working a full time job. Hearthstone ...
  • relogged in reply to Haven't seen that before by cohLysion

    I just logged out and back in. We'll see if I can post this response or not. EDIT: seems to have worked.
  • unauthorized?

    I just tried to post a reply to someone in a thread and it wouldn't let me. It popped up with this any idea what that's about?
  • Accessibility in competitive games in reply to Great example by maksymilian.szyc

    In a competitive, multiplayer game, unlike in a single-player game, it's much more difficult to assess difficulty or accessibility. I think the only real way would be to guage how frequently newer players lose to more experiences players. So for ...
  • Quite the necro in reply to my 2 cents!! by drews

    As I mentioned in my own post, I don't have any competitive experience with brood war, so obviously, yes, I was talking as someone who doesn't have extensive brood war experience.However, everything you said agrees with what I said, so ...
  • This sounds hilarious in reply to reno return, reno gangup, reno reno reno, gangup, reno reno reno by aaron-trevallion

    I'm dubious as to the viability, but that's never stopped Sean before, so I would love to see him try this.
  • I'm reasonably competent in reply to Rebuilding Trials of the Xel'Naga by Balgrin

    I have some experience with the editor, and could probably create what you want. I remember watching the Trials and thoroughly enjoyed them. It would be fun to play the maps with friends and just make chaos.As far as collaborating ...
  • Well in reply to [P] Need help improving, in my macro game. by faregon

    I'm probably not the most reliable source of information when it comes to macro play, but here's my best attempt.Aside from the usual "probes, pylons, upgrades" spiel, I think expansion timings are very important, especially in LotV. You have to ...
  • Seriously just do it in reply to Streaming and you, Day[9]'s wealth of knowledge by Terakahn

    I don't know of any time when day[9] made what you seem to be looking for, but novawar has done something similar to what you seem to want. regardless, I agree with day[9] on the point that you need ...
  • Response in reply to [H] Help me back in shape! by Toadie

    I haven't really been paying attention to modern builds, and everything is still being figured out anyway, but here is the general idea afaik.TvP: Bio/liberator. Play defensively/greedily initially, then harass with drops and finish him with a doom drop + ...
  • Haven't seen it in a while in reply to Some of his advice (as you phrased it) is good by joejoefine

    It's been a while since I watched it, but I think he said something along the lines of "The most cool thing is to be proud to love the things you love"
  • I think it was off-camera in reply to Nathanias and the dramatic GG by Terakahn

    I interpreted it as something nathanias was doing off-camera, not as a part of a cast. I may be mistaken though. I do know he said it was during blizzcon, so it would be one of the games there.
  • It's up in reply to too much suspens.. have to ask by merdik

    Has been for a few hours, but I only now thought to come here and mention it.
  • Legacy of the Void in reply to Getting back into SC - Winter is coming! by wakeboardsean

    So lotv is coming out in a month (ish). I would advise you to play the beta until it comes out. Balance might be a tad screwey, but it's fun and balance isn't too important anyway (unless you're super concerned ...
  • welcome back in reply to [H] Getting back into it. by Soren103

    For pvz, french (bagguette) style is very popular right now For pvt I'm not really sure, but I think something like blink into robo is good. You need to make sure you have detection for the inevitable mine drop.
  • Sure in reply to add by Vegatus

    I'm printf.144 in sc2 on NA
  • On graphics in reply to Welcome! by printf

    I said to use either low or medium, but I neglected to mention the even better option of hybrid.You can't get hybrid graphics via the in-game menu though, you have to actually modify the graphics file manually. Instructions on how ...
  • Welcome! in reply to Hi Starcraft Community. by Vegatus

    Welcome to Starcraft 2 and welcome to the legions of the dayknights!I would recommend for now that you just play against the ai and just have fun. Mess around, do silly things. Just playing at this point is going to ...