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  • add arcade in reply to As a gamer, what is your opinion on gaming franchises ? by jeanmamadou

    Add 'arcade' to the list of genres on the first page. Otherwise it's good
  • Separate program or custom map? in reply to Help would be awesome! by Gameroo

    Are you planning to sense inputs using a separate program running in the background or using a custom map?I would recommend making a custom map for this, but of course the problem is getting a large enough data pool (specifically ...
  • If you want/need any help in reply to SC2 Mathematics - Pros vs. Casual players by Gameroo

    I am also an amateur (emphasis on that word) programmer, and would be willing to help you in any way I can on this. I'm a platinum protoss on the N.A. server.Anything in the name of science/math
  • some math in reply to Attack timing by Swizzle

    Some simple math shows that it takes between 4:30 to 6:30 for an expansion to pay off mineral-wise, depending on various ingame variables. The average time is around 5:00-5:30. For an early expand it takes longer because you don't have ...
  • I didn't watch the replay and I'm protoss but... in reply to Noobie zerg by MadMike

    From what I've read you have good hotkey usage. You should definitely have your queens hotkeyed if you don't already. As far as your thought processes, I play protoss so I might be able to give some useful thoughts on ...
  • I have written a lot in reply to How can i ever get better? :D by HVMi3LJOZ3PH

    about this. In total You could probably publish a book with what I've written about learning starcraft and playing protoss. Here are links to the pages. for the very basics of the game is advice about protoss to a ...
  • correction on some number in reply to Help is at hand by foxcode

    Mineral-wise, assuming no gas is taken and constant not-chrono-boosted probe production from one nexus, a new non-high-yield base takes 6 minutes to pay for itself. It takes about 5 and a half with one chrono boosted nexus.With 2 nexi numbers ...
  • you already have a pylon in reply to are you in time? by KarelTheTossMaster

    You already have pylons around everything that needs protection, so you only need the forge. If you scout the cannon as it's building, and build the forge immediately, the cannon rusher will get probably another cannon and pylon and then ...
  • that is correct in reply to i thought shield regenerate only if by cliff.tam

    but if the protoss runs away for a few seconds the probes will have more shields. In a micro-less 1v1 though, yes the drone wins.Like I said, there is a 10 second delay
  • title in reply to Maybe... by Mariodroepie

    I believe that already exists on youtube
  • attack move in reply to ZvP losing to an all probe rush cheese by calvin.byers.3

    the only way I can even conceive of you losing this is if you didn't attack move.Select all your drones, click a, and left click near but not on top of the probes. then sit back and watch.
  • ummm in reply to ....cheese by cliff.tam

    shield regen is faster than drone regen. There is, however, a 10 second delay on shields. I believe the equivalence point is either 12 or 14 seconds, i don't remember which.
  • wrong in reply to Trouble with stealth by Desdar

    I'm sorry, but your sc2 planner is wrong in a couple ways. Firstly, if no additional probes are built, and the forge is proxied, the first cannon can begin construction as early as 1:44. This is extremely impractical of course, ...
  • more time now in reply to Thank you for your insight by Desdar

    Sorry about the split post; I'm writing this during study hall at school and had to go to lunch.Either way, the wall will probably be behind your mineral line or gas, but it's really map dependent. I once used my ...
  • I agree about the trash-talk in reply to Thank you for your insight by Desdar

    I don't tolerate BM, regardless of whether a player is cheesing.Spamming can be a transition from stealth if it's spotted, but if that was the original plan it will probably be obvious because the further away from your mineral line ...
  • I find most of my social aspect in reply to Making it social by saintgeminis

    comes from these forums and from playing with my friends. team games or even 1v1 or coaching has a nice social aspect. Discussing strategy on these forums also has a nice social aspect to it
  • As somebody who loves to cannon rush... in reply to A question regarding State's PvP opener Day9Daily#589 by Desdar

    I have probably a 90% winrate cannon rushing pvp, so trust me; you aren't alone. Firstly, I'd like to raise a couple points about cannon rushing itself.There are three types of cannon rushing: stealth, spam, and wall.Stealth: the cannon rusher ...
  • not a terran player, but in reply to I need help with TvT by Sylvatic117

    day[9] did at least one tvt daily for hots didn't check for others, but you can go to the archive and search for tvt, that's what i did
  • My opinion as unbiased as I can make it in reply to Can someone help me decide my race once and for all? by CPhiTe

    I used to main protoss in BW, then switched to zerg for WoL season 2, and then back to protoss. I have been dabbling in zerg again recently though. Hopefully this means my opinion is relatively unbiased between the two ...
  • well... in reply to I don't think so: by james.barton.370

    As I've already mentioned, I don't actually have calculations; I made a computer simulation. I don't know if you have any programming experience, but it's really quite self-explanatory... here's the pseudocode1. declare variables "seconds", "minerals", and "workers"2. set minerals to ...