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  • more time now in reply to I took a look again at my figures... by james.barton.370

    I can't help but notice that your value is exactly 35 seconds more than mine... 35 seconds is the buoldtime of an orbital... did you mess that up maybe?
  • not much time right now in reply to I took a look again at my figures... by james.barton.370

    but i'll give you my calculations later. for now, i saw that mule mining rate in the top left of the spreadsheet
  • i think that makes sense in reply to Thanks for taking a closer look! by james.barton.370

    For the record, you can make paragraphs by holding shift while pressing enter (using windows 7 in google chrome, I'm not sure about anything else).I think I understand what you mean. You found the average scv's mining rate for a ...
  • also plat protoss in reply to PvZ by liam.auir

    First, I must play weirdly because I never have that endgame composition (I normally have Ht-colossi-immortal-chargelot(sometimes)-stalker(sometimes)-archon). If I were to have that composition however, I don't think I would want to give up the colossi. Colossi are probably the best ...
  • on a separate note in reply to A few things I have done by james.barton.370

    in this post think you're missing the fact that it takes time for an army to traverse the map, so forcing an engagement isn't instant victory for whoever has more. also of course army comp and micro can affect ...
  • apparently i need a title... in reply to so... by printf

    also i think your numbers are wrong regarding mining rate...i reran the simulation with numbers i believe to be accurate (41 minerals/minute for an scv as compared to your 33.6 and 170 minerals/minute for a mule as compared to your ...
  • so... in reply to A few things I have done by james.barton.370

    i ran a simulation using your numbers and got quite a different result regarding the orbital vs scv orbital commnad takes 35 seconds, enough time for 2 scvs. according to your numbers, 2 scvs mine more quickly than one ...
  • in case you're wondering in reply to I quickly made a simulation by printf

    i got this answer by making a program that ran a loop until a variable 'minerals', initially -400, is greater than 0. every loop it increases minerals by 'probes' * 2/3. every 17 loops it increases 'probes' by 1 and ...
  • I quickly made a simulation in reply to the closest i know of by printf

    I made a program estimating 2/3 minerals/second for one probe. according to google the buildtime for a nexus is 100 seconds, although i thought it was 105... my results were that it takes about 350 seconds with constant worker production, ...
  • the closest i know of in reply to Macro done right / Analytical economics by james.barton.370

    is this which is just how much you spend your money, and that i did a basic evaluation of how much it hurts to miss a worker (approximately 2/3*secondsMissed*workersBuiltAfterward, not accounting for oversaturation). I've considered several times finding how ...
  • I didn't read the entire thing but in reply to StarCraft II community, how far it extends by wornstrum

    it seems really cool. I don't know anything about this topic and I didn't read the entire thing but i did notice two problems:the syntax of this sentence seems off "Shoutcasters and players have used platforms such as YouTube, ...
  • Very small technicality in reply to each point answered (plat zerg) by richie.lee2

    technically drones and air units don't move more quickly on creep
  • i forgot something in reply to Me Again by printf

    against protoss if you're going roach/hydra you'll need some corrupters to kill colossi or your army will melt.also, swarm hosts are viable against both protoss and terran if done properly, but i don't know how to do them properly so ...
  • Me Again in reply to Curious about Zerg by MadMike

    Hello, I used to play zerg but I'm not as good as I am at protoss. As such I won't be writing another 4 page essay for you, but I will tell you what I can.Basically as zerg you want ...
  • from zerg? in reply to So then by oridock

    most zerg players i face go roach/hydra with either corrupters or vipers with an eventual transition into ultralisks.
  • As a Platinum Protoss in reply to Ling/bane v protoss? by oridock

    I don't recall if it was day[9] or husky (I think it was day[9]...) but there was a game where he said that banelings were a good choice vs mass stalker. So there is probably some support for this.However, as ...
  • about pressure in reply to Still noobified by MadMike

    I'll tell you the same thing I tell all new players; choose a playstyle that will minimize the amount of micro required. Aside from pvz early pressure is only important to prevent mass expanding, and I'll talk about that in ...
  • from a plat toss in reply to I'm the worst Protoss in history :'( by MadMike

    i haven't checked your replay yet, but i wrote a several page response to an almost identical question yesterday so you can check that out it's the really long response.i hope you the best of luck
  • answers to each paragraph in reply to thanks very much by SupplyBlock

    No problem.Good job on that, it's probably why you aren't in bronze (although you might not be as good as you think you are, as long as you aren't terrible that's all that matters. There is almost always room for ...