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  • one thing at a time in reply to [New player] Some Protoss questions by SupplyBlock

    To introduce myself, I am a platinum level protoss player. I've been playing RTS games most of my life, but only really started playing sc2 about a year and a half ago. I'm currently teaching two of my friends starcraft, ...
  • my opinion in reply to Why is day nine averse to cannons? by megadeth

    first off, i'm a platinum (who rarely ladders, so that might be lower or higher than it should be) protoss player who frequently watches day[9], huskystarcraft, and opinion on static defenses, is that turtle>rush>greed>turtle. in lower leagues, the metagame ...
  • generalizations vs specifics in reply to [AMA] Doing my PhD research in StarCraft AI, AMA! by DaveChurchill

    First, I'd like to say this is really cool, and I wish you the best of luck. I'm considering going to AI myself someday.Now for the question: how much of the AI is/will be generalizations or specifics? Does it find ...
  • playing games at a young age taught me: in reply to Playing Games at a young age have taught me... by LordMatsu

    1. to always know why you are doing what you are doing2. to plan ahead3. if you spend too much time deliberating, the opportunity may pass you by4. money management5. to remain focused on your goals6. to not be too ...
  • as a protoss in reply to Questions about daily 582 (Z) by Sorrysaved

    i can't answer 1 or 3, but i can provide limited insight into 2. i think broodlord-corrupter-infestor would be better than you think. phoenix, especially with no damage upgrades as day[9] pointed out multiple times, don't do well vs corrupters ...
  • Thought on Daily #582

    In daily #582 Day[9] discusses protoss vs mutalisk. He emphasizes positioning over composition. He mentions several times that it's good to attack a particular spot because we know the mutas are on the other side of the map.
  • spore? in reply to ZvDT by BILB0

    why don't you just build a spore crawler? you don't need an evo chamber anymore, unless you're playing WoL.
  • if you want more details on any specific point in reply to my REALLY LONG WINDED advice. by printf

    just respond and i'll provide it. to keep the length of the essay down to one lifetime i didn't go into explicit detail into everything, but one or two things that need clarifying should be fine.also, sorry for the lack ...
  • my REALLY LONG WINDED advice. in reply to [H] Protoss Basics by Dizzy

    for bronze level protoss i recommend just getting a ton of colossi and stalkers. mix in some zealots, sentries, and archons if you want; but for now just get a lot of colossi. those things are really good. the only ...
  • here's my further thought in reply to As a Zerg player by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    i decided, after reading all the comments i've received, that this would make a good possible transition for an aggressive 1 gate expand, like i used to do. if i see a fast third base then i can always transition ...
  • do you remember who naniwa was playing? in reply to Well let me tell you what this is: by KarelTheTossMaster

    i'm having difficulty finding the vod
  • thank you! in reply to Well let me tell you what this is: by KarelTheTossMaster

    thank you, i tried googling this before posting here but found nothing. i'll check out the naniwa gsl vod. it's good to know this was used by pros, and this makes sense vs 3 base zerg because no roaches will ...
  • about the force fields in reply to usually... by cliff.tam

    the force fields should (if done properly) prevent the lings from getting a surround without blocking your zealots in, and then when the lings are dead trap the roaches from running.
  • you know you're a gamer when... in reply to You know your a true gamer when... by JiN

    # try to chrono boost your pizz abecause it's taking too long (credit to Sean Plott)
  • only a couple issues in reply to You know you're a true gamer when... by fazzino.joe

    you can't just keep building supply depots because 200/200 is the maximum limit
  • that's all true, but in reply to Like a 4 gate with +1 and no stalker... by LarmaX

    because 2 zealots + 1 sentry = 2 stalkers for price you can afford to produce off more gates, and with guardian shield and force field zealots can trade surprisingly well with roaches and lings just melt. the spines and ...
  • 6:30-7:00 in reply to answer by Earl_of_Nutella

    with my unrefined trials i've hit around 6:30-7:00, but that might change with refinement and/or waiting for another warp in.
  • what ratio in reply to From zerg perspective... by cliff.tam

    of roaches to lings to spines (i guess spines would probably be a number not a ratio) would you get? would you keep droning or stop entirely? would you get queens? any of this information would be helpful
  • crazy pvz build that might work

    i haven't gotten around to the refinement stage yet, but here's the standing title for the build: 1 base zealot-sentry 5gate +1 all in it's a mouthful and sounds insane, but my vs ai and custom game vs a friend ...
  • My thoughts on cheese in reply to For those of us without a strong sc community to gush to. by Leonoux

    To me, if someone wants to cheese that's great for them. If you lose to cheese that's in general your fault. About half the time when matched against protoss or random i'll cheese (cannon rush vs protoss, 2gate vs random) ...