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  • About: I am a master league cannon rusher/diamond league mass reaper-er. I have a youtube channel where I do let's plays with my friend D34nerd I have recently begun a quest to GM by cannon rushing, and will be streaming that on Saturdays from 11:30-1:30 P.D.T. whenever possible
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  • Keeping within the game framework in reply to RE: automated macro by Glrk

    Well, base building brings along a strategic element to the game. It allows for you to attack the enemy base, supply blocking him, denying upgrades, and shutting down tech structures or production. This also means that the way in which ...
  • New video uploaded in reply to Cannon rush guide - video tutorial series by printf

    I finally found the time to create another video. I really didn't expect there to be a whole month delay, but whatever. This one is going at the beginning of the playlist, before the mechanics videos, and really focuses on ...
  • automated macro in reply to Re: auto-cast yes, cooldown no by Glrk

    On the topic of automation, I have always appreciated the "auto-queue" option present in other RTS games such as AoM and SupCom. Strategically, it isn't always beneficial to build units non-stop, but it is generally advantageous, and makes the game ...
  • auto-cast yes, cooldown no in reply to Let's Talk about GameDesign Problems by Glrk

    While I am in general support of inefficient automation, I think you're overlooking a key difference between energy and cooldown.With energy, you can bank 150 energy and then cast 2 psi storms in quick succession.With cooldown, you cannot.Also, would the ...
  • historically in reply to Wondering by donkeybreath

    4 months was the time from the start of HotS beta to when everybody who preordered got it. The WoL first phase of beta lasted from February until June, and then the second phase was 13 days. So it's really ...
  • Great streamer in reply to Great Interactive Streamer Koshkii by sherlockturtle

    Probably my second favourite streamer, right behind Sheezle.Also, her name is Russian for cats. And who doesn't love cats?
  • any updates? in reply to A terran build im semi-confident it is viable enough for standart play by profit

    How's it coming? Have you started wrecking people on ladder with this yet?
  • response in reply to D: by profit

    I am currently 21-8 (72.4%) against cc first, and very likely those losses are my own fault.
  • Finally back to masters in reply to Quasarprintf's stream by printf

    After spending 2 weeks at rank 1 diamond na on nios, and getting a 50% win rate against gm's (including beating sirrobin), I finally got my masters promo for this season. Accounting for bonus pool, I am now rank 7 ...
  • replays in reply to Le response by profit

    Generally, this is where replays are saved on windows computersC->users->(your user)->my documents->starcraft 2->accounts->(a seemingly random string of stuff)->(more stuff)->replays->multiplayer.Then sort by date to find the most recent. If you have multiple options for the pseudorandom strings, then that means that ...
  • As a high level cannon rusher in reply to Cannon rush by profit

    Unless you're bomber, or your opponent is incompetent, you're not going to win with CC first against a cannon rush. I mean, yeah you can do some stuff to increase the odds of beating an incompetent player, but really it's ...
  • proxy pf in reply to Perhaps by BeastlyDayKnight

    where in the post was a proxy pf mentioned? The pf I believe is at your natural. Anyway, against a cannon rush it's fairly irrelevant since this build starts off as a cc first. The cannon rush will begin before ...
  • I think you're discounting it too quickly in reply to Possibly might just work by BeastlyDayKnight

    I feel as though you are too quickly discounting the idea, without waiting to see it in action. Making a judgment without any data to support it is the antithesis of science.I mean, mass reapers sounds ridiculous, but I can ...
  • Great work! in reply to A terran build im semi-confident it is viable enough for standart play by profit

    This is a very nice, detailed guide - I commend you for it. I know ketroc does something similar with his pf expand and proxy hi-sec build tvp before going into mass ravens. He does, however, not always manage to ...
  • Well in reply to your protoss? by BeastlyDayKnight

    I mean, avilo mechs against protoss and is in GM. More importantly though, I could go mech and beat up any bronze player, any silver player, 85% of gold players, and half of platinum players as well as a few ...
  • replays in reply to Can't Beat Terran Mech by Qwoto

    A general tip for when you ask for help is include a replay showcasing your issue.A while ago I believe day[9] said that blink stalkers early on are effective vs mech, you should try that.
  • probe aggro works in reply to great mechanics video! by galan

    I tested it, and probes do indeed draw aggro without needing an attack move command. They just naturally have a higher attack priority than pylons
  • on the probe drawing aggro in reply to great mechanics video! by galan

    So, regarding the probe drawing aggro, I haven't really used that on ladder before and discovered it while making the video. I tried it out yesterday and it didn't seem to work. I believe that you might have to issue ...
  • Cannon rush guide - video tutorial series

    Hello, I am printf. You may or may not know me, but I am a high level cannon rusher. I noticed a while ago that the cannon rushing community is seemingly nonexistent, and there are no videos or texts online ...
  • from a personal perspective in reply to From a balance perspective by printf

    As an all-in one-base cannon rusher, I am exceedingly pleased by this change because it removes the only real threat to me.I shred any fool who attempts to proxy hatch me because, honestly, it's just a really bad response to ...