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  • From a balance perspective in reply to From a design perspective by printf

    Balance-wise I'm not sure if this is a buff or a nerf to zerg. This is a buff to non-swarm-styles, because they can now incorporate swarm hosts as support units. However, this eliminates the very powerful swarm-host-focused style. No more ...
  • From a design perspective in reply to Thoughts on the new Swarm Host change from Blizzard? by XecutorAdun

    My opinion for a while has been that the cooldown and lifespan of locusts should both be higher. I think that with those both being short it is impossible to push into a swarm host army because even if you ...
  • 85,000 in reply to Heroes of the Storm beta key contest 2 - Day[9]'s Level Up Challenge by WHiT3R4bBiT

    NA85 thousand
  • 70 in reply to Heroes of the Storm beta key contest - Day[9] Death Count Challenge by WHiT3R4bBiT

    70 NA
  • I mean in reply to Maybe by fdas

    That may be theoretically possible, but unless they're using something with less storage than even a char, I don't see how. This was something like 3 days into the new season, I don't think bonus pool accumulates that quickly.
  • now she's live in reply to She doesn't seem to be live by printf

    ignore my previous post
  • She doesn't seem to be live in reply to Koshkii & DrennoC Casting Viewer Games by sherlockturtle

    It's currently 8:08 est and she isn't live yet, was something rescheduled or should I be more patient?
  • but wth in reply to re: negative bonus pool by Saucy

    I mean, I feel as though it shouldn't be possible to be awarded more bonus points than you have pool
  • negative bonus pool

    So I was playing 2v2's last night and suddenly noticed that my bonus pool didn't actually make sense. (in case embedding doesn't work)
  • How many aliases do you have? in reply to Hey! by sherlockturtle

    Seriously though.
  • Koshkii in reply to Koshkii & DrennoC Casting Viewer Games by sherlockturtle

    Koshkii is one of my favourite streamers; she does a viewer FFA after each stream, and casts it live.She's honestly not that good at the casting part because she tends to spend more time looking at the chat than the ...
  • subtleties in reply to How do you avoid getting bored playing 1 race? by justin.bedward.7

    I derive most of my enjoyment of the game from fleshing out the subtleties of my builds and playstyle. Playing only one race, and one build, allows me to focus entirely on the perfection of that one build, which satisfies ...
  • levels in reply to Thank you so much everyone by DSTAsheMain

    So the way levels work is somewhat weird. For each race you can gain 35 levels. Experience is gained by building stuff and killing stuff, and you get a bonus to exp for your first game of the day and ...
  • Also in reply to Staircase by printf

    If you don't know about location hotkeys, I'm about to blow your mind.You can make control groups for units, allowing you to recall a selection by pressing a single key.You can do the same with locations on the map. I ...
  • Staircase in reply to Im completly new to this game and wonder where i should be going by DSTAsheMain

    One school of thought regarding improvement at starcraft is called the staircase method.Basically you simplify the game by removing most of the thought, allowing you to focus entirely on mechanics. The first step of the staircase imposes two restrictions:
  • Don't feel bad in reply to I feel dumb by GMFaustus

    I picked protoss back in BW because my probes didn't have to sit there constructing buildings. As terran I always had 20 idle scv's, and I just couldn't get the hang of zerg.Seriously though, that was the only reason I ...
  • going live, doing an AMA as well in reply to Quasarprintf's stream by printf

    I feel like we don't each other well enough, so I'm doing an AMA as I cannon rush
  • Same boat in reply to Heroes Of The Storm by cshoemaker

    Hey, I got alpha probably the same time you did.Historically I haven't really been a fan of moba's, but I'm enjoying heroes thus far. I bought zeratul with my first 10k gold, but haven't really played him much since I've ...
  • More details in reply to i need some help with terran by matthew.hill.1800

    I'm not particularly great at terran, so I won't attempt to give you advice.However, for those who are capable of providing assistance, it would be much easier if you include more details such as
  • Streaming in reply to Quasarprintf's stream by printf

    Couldn't stream yesterday due to life, so streaming now