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  • About: Film and Physics student currently interning in New York City
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  • I figured in reply to eSports Paper by r3dglasses

    Who better to ask than my fellow DayKnights!
  • eSports Paper

    Greetings Everyone! I am Cameron Dunbar, a previous intern with Day9 and eSports fan! I amcurrently writing an academic paper that has already been accepted to be published in GLHF, and I am planning on pushing for publishing in an ...
  • Underused Abilities in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    The daily today just made me think it would be cool to see people actually make use of all the stuff that's in the game no one uses: neosteel, auto tracking, landed vikings, unseiged tanks. haha all i can think ...
  • Been there in reply to Currently.... by CrazyChris576

    I know its hard, don't think of it as a diet, think about lifestyle changes! And I dropped 50lbs in like 4 months back when I was like 250... though i don't recommend it.
  • The Journey in reply to Gettin in shape thread! by Day9

    Back in the day (high school) I was 250 lbs/113kg. Eventually I got down to 180/81. I started seriously hitting the gym in September and now am like 200/90, but with way better body composition. Still not at my goal ...