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  • Well.... in reply to Dissapointed in Starcraft 2's continued decline by Adelull

    Blizzard hasn't stopped trying to improve the game itself. However the development team has become smaller over the years. There are no events for people to participate.
  • but... in reply to Wow by Randomizer

    but, you have to remember... Flash retired... So He's not going to be at his prime anymore. His prime age is passed. If you want to be godly, you must first become god, meaning you must be able to beat ...
  • might be wrong in reply to I think... by Randomizer

    I heard from a korean interview stream on Flash... That He may join to play against or help train DeepMind
  • Thought on Deepmind and Starcraft?

    # Few days ago, there was a talk between Google and Blizzard about DeepMind playing against StarCraft Players. (For those that don't know what DeepMind is, it is an AI that uses reinforcement learning through heuristic systems to learn. It's ...

    I found this game called "SC2VN". It is supposedly a visual novel about a guy... well im going to stop here to avoid spoiling. apparently day9 the character is in it :D
  • Day9, I urge you to play this game on mega hard mode in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! by Day9

    Download this game on Steam, it's free! "Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius" many modes. This is a Visual Novel based game, awesome storyline, great graphics (for VN), great Background Music, Voice acting is quite decent too.
  • I see potential funday monday with rocket league in reply to Rocket Daily? by Kknewkles

    having a pre-partied team, do some awesome and ridiculous funday monday topics with Rocket League.
  • Will Day9 play Life is Strange?

    I just bought the game, it is quite great. Decision making game with alternate endings. I want to see Day9 play it.
  • SC2 dying game? in reply to Feedback to you Day[9] by MylilPwny

    The last Funday Monday was half a year ago (~6 months). The last Newbie Tuesday was about 2 years ago (~23 months). The lack of StarCraft2 casting makes me feel that, on a subconscious level, day9 has lost interest of ...
  • All depends on your individual and unique personality and playstyle in reply to Picking a race ( and why you picked your race) by TheSilent1

    There will be players that will say things like:- Protoss is OP- Protoss is easiest race- Protoss requires least amount of APM to win the GSL.- Terran's Widow mine requires no APM.- MULE is OP.- Zerg is the hardest race ...
  • Guiness World Record

    I woke up this morning... and thought hey.... Why not at the Next Blizzcon, Get Sean Plott, amass a massive army. Then set up the longest and biggest fusion core dance.

    With your "Mostly Walking" group, play Borderlands 1 & 2.
  • Will Day9 be able to...

    Can Day9 tell who is the player, if the name is unidentified? Meaning, can you tell who that is, based on their play style?
  • comment here for nice tips and secrets in sc2

    one interesting thing to know, that zergs gather minerals slower when minerals are above the hatchery. because the larvae spawn from the south side of the hatchery, thus the distance for drones to gather is delayed by 2 seconds!
  • contribute to cure's raven play against polt in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    we do exactly what he did... using a single raven, harass the enemy's economy line with autoturrets!!!!!!!!!
  • im not really talking about all ins, that's a different story. in reply to Why do you think every protoss build is an all in? by printf

    it's about the early game, with map control (with speed and efficiency). reapers do feel great due to their mobility, but the protoss, yeah they have to use probes, but extremely pathetic in all aspects in engagements. lings and reapers ...
  • The protoss problem

    Protoss has been nerfed way too much. I was originally protoss in WoL, but switched to terran since in WoL. Protoss is just impossible to play, in every aspect. Even when using virtual/visual simulations, protoss loses in every battle. Protoss ...
  • running outta ideas FM in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    Lets do FunDay MonDay Restrictions, everything goes, but you are NOT allowed to make Reactors. or a funday monday on no mules.
  • Interesting style in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    Splash damage units only?As zerg, you can only get banelings (lings may not attack), mutalisks, ultralisks, infestors (fungal only). Meaning no queens, no hydras, no corruptors, no broodlords, etc.As terran, you can only get hellbats, hellions, ravens (seeker missiles only), ...
  • E-rumors of YouPorn becoming E-sports Sponsor?

    I personally think I wouldn't like to have YouPorn as sponsor... Kids playing games and seeing YouPorn pop out... or, telling your friends and parents that as a gamer, you are sponsors by an adult/pornographic industry.