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  • Interesting Funday Monday Topic in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    As terran you are never ever allowed to use mules, nor drop mules, but you must build orbitals and use other abilities. Basically, it can show faster tech paths, and use the underrated abilities as surprise.
  • Korean Style Terran in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    Mass Sensor tower the entire map and go "standard"
  • Funday Monday in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    Be Afk for the first 20 seconds of the game.
  • well in reply to well... by OxygenOP

    I didn't mean like 4 gate without warpgate, but in a 7 gate build, build like 2 more gateways, and not warp it...
  • but... in reply to also by brickrd

    there is a downside, with terran/zerg, it is possible to micro and produce units, unlike protoss, you have to look away from the fight and produce units.
  • Fun Zerg plays in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    Attack by sending in burrowed Roaches with Tunneling claws. and constantly attack base doing that.
  • Could there be of any use of Gateways without warpgates?

    So far everyone has been upgrading gateways into warpgates... There are many downsides to warpgates, sure you can warp in units as a burst of waves, but you have to be looking at an energy field to do so... Terran ...
  • race picks in reply to Funday Monday Tournament Registration is Finally OPEN! by jellyfish

    why is there no random?
  • Funday Money new topics! in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    as protoss vs zerg, dt rush then immediately transition into protoss vs any, sentry rush, then mass hallucination probes to throw off a fake terran vs any, reapers with 1-1 upgrades?as zerg vs any, burrow roaches into enemy ...
  • 1/14/2014 in reply to Day 10 of the year 2014 by iiLiiiLiiLLL

    I know, i saw that... but we should do it like every friday nights... (friday nights are when people really get onto PlanetSide2), then outta nowhere, we just start rolling lol... to make it fun, just do air attacks or ...
  • speed mining

    What is the fastest time that a person can fully mine all the minerals in DayBreak? (no enemies)?
  • this game is free but... in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Planetside 2 by Day9

    it is free, but... the game takes forever to download, not to also mention the update is like 20 gigabytes... I'll coming for Day9, hmm although i have to make a new account for connery...
  • need some help? I'm protoss too. in reply to Demoted to bronze (protoss) by RzMWood

    Hey, add me up Savior #933 I'll try to help you...
  • crossing fingers** in reply to Day[9] Day Off Suggestions for October 4th by Bergtau

    Planetside2, we all can join you. Team Fortress 2, we all can join you... or some of us.Unreal Tournament, old school game.Crysis 1 & 2.Tomb Raider, the old one.Just Cause 2.Left 4 Dead series.Air Mech, get experience and beat husky.
  • Response to Daily #630 for the explanation of part 3

    when the archons hit the colossus (as you remember in funday monday a long time ago, when a player splash damaged a nexus to kill cloaked banshee). when the archon does splash damage to the colossus, it actually registers a ...
  • What about mass bunkers? in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    No one uses bunkers after the 10 minute mark usually... unless it's an all-in play... As funday monday, why not try mass bunkers and see how it goes?
  • i only cheat to... in reply to Is Cheating Integral to Video Game Aesthetics? by aaronschroeder

    I only cheated in games, for its story... why hassle like FFVIII and level up for hours, wasting time, if you can just simply use a god mode cheat, and play through the game without the unproductive amount of time ...
  • umm in reply to Unit List by discord

    The banshee itself cant be a spell caster... its "ability" does not attack enemy units, and if it attacks, it's using its own missile attack...
  • ~~~ in reply to when will i get promoted! by BlackRose

    Do you win barely, slightly, or dominating the game? If your performance completely dominates the players in your league, you'll definitely be promoted quickly... but if you're winning on a slight margin, you'll be there for a while... Do you ...
  • Lord Day[9] should lead in Planetside2, oneday in reply to Planetside 2 by Lurthemir

    He should create an outfit, and just dominate all servers. Bowing down to Day[9]'s legion. Anyone up for this, if it is all possible? There is no limit of players honestly, and all Day[9] followers can literally follow him in ...