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  • About: Avg college student with a passion for gaming, in all shapes and forms, since a child. Currently aspiring to be video game programmer. Love playing Hearthstone. and watching Starcraft atm. Add me: Battlenet - ReklomVera#1169 Steam - reklom_vera
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  • who are you gonna challenge? in reply to Challenge Accepted by Day9

    Oh yeah... Maybe sensei case? Or JP?
  • I used Mexxna's power against herself in reply to How to Beat Heroic Final Boss- Arachnid Quarter^^ by tentative_panda

    I would recommend using Mind Control Technician. (for any deck)basically you can control the rng during the beginning so that if you use MCtech then you get a creature back to your hand alongside the reusable MCtech.I basically kept repeating ...
  • Maybe for you... in reply to omg still? by zeek

    (While I'd like to just respect your own opinion and move on, I feel your comment isn't very dayknight-ish.) He enjoys Dark Souls II. I enjoy both playing it and watching him play it.
  • Yeah. in reply to It's kind of hard by LordMatsu

    I would assume so.
  • Thanks in reply to Well... by GhostStalker

    thanks for being super friendly and supportive. :D
  • Still Hopeful in reply to It's doubtful by GhostStalker

    Thanks. That kinda sucks though it makes me feel distant. But I guess he needs to take precautions.either way I'm still kinda hopeful that he would add me.(Battletag: ReklomVera#1169)
  • Hearthstone: Playing with Day9

    Been a longtime fan, but usually just watched via youtube. Still new here (on the website I mean). It would be awesome if this could happen.
  • I'mma join in on the fun in reply to DayKnight Hearthstone Friends List (NA) by Bedouin

    Battle Tag: ReklomVera#1169Voice Chat: Yes. (Skype, G+ Hangout, Steam [account: reklom_vera])Playstyle: I generally like late game or Mid-range Druid decks, but I like to experiment and play different kind of decks/hero just for funsiesWilling to give help: Yes. For as ...