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  • Thanks! :D in reply to Good Game by seren

    Hi! Thanks for trying out the game! :D I'm sorry that it lags for you. This is a known problem, however we simply didn't have the time to optimize it that much in the short time. We would have wanted ...
  • Thanks! in reply to Embedding youtube videos by ntucker

    I only just figured this out, should have tried this first I guess, my bad! Thanks :)
  • Thanks for the tip! in reply to Make a more detailed post about the game! by ntucker

    Added a new post at
  • A Story About My Uncle

    Hey guys! I'm one of the developers of a game called A Story About My Uncle, a student-made first person platformer created in eleven weeks by eleven students at the game development program at Södertörn University in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • A Story About My Uncle! in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Hey, I'm one of the developers of the first person platformer game called A Story About My Uncle, where the main feature is traversing with a grapple gun, it would be awesome to see you play it! :) It's a ...