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  • [H] Roadblocked as Protoss

    Hey guys. I'm a high ranked platinum level Protoss on the EU server. I've been playing for around a year now and I'm happy with the progress I've made coming from the bronze league but I feel I've hit a ...
  • Baller academy Raidcall Group

    Afternoon fellow ballers!I'm here to talk about something which i'm hoping will gain many peoples interest. I'm starting a raidcall group called baller academy!
  • each point answered (plat zerg) in reply to Enter key won't work by MadMike

    So here are a few things you need to know.You need 1 Queen for each base you make, this is for using inject larva to allow yourself to build units. injecting takes the second highest priority in a zergs game ...
  • ill oiffer some advice for this. in reply to how do you stop a 4gate early aggressive as zerg? by jordn.dahl

    OK, so i have a pretty nice way of handing a 4-gate. Naturally you need the signs for a 4-gate so lets assume your'e 9 scouting with a drone. your'e looking for the following:
  • illt try to reak it down for you in reply to Need more information by AquaMarine

    Protossvs zerg: im always wanting to go Forge Fast Expand (<3 economy) however i seem to find myself always underproducing in army. in gold it wasnt ever a problem but a 2 base timing from zerg with roach hydra melts ...
  • really struggling on ladder

    Howdy guys! how are you? you good? awesome! :D the reason im here on the lovely day9 forums is that im having a major issue on the ladder at the moment. ive been playing hots heavily since release and ive ...
  • sorry in reply to Funday Monday Suggestion by CFlickster

    but it sounds like winning is to pick an easy build which is very simple micro and just macro really well. it sounds very easy and unentertaining. (bronze to gold with good macro can 1a roaches into a base and ...
  • addendum in reply to looking for partner by richie.lee2

    battle net redball#2912
  • looking for partner in reply to Funday Monday Partner Thread! by Day9

    Gold zerg/protoss, looking to pull off a stupid stuff in 2v2 cause fun :D
  • maybe a couple of hints :) in reply to Just felt the same thing by Slowbro

    let's try to help each toher out then, thats what this community's about right? :)
  • Those games!

    You know the ones i'm talking about... Your'e chilling out, trying to bust out of bronze league, maybe today you'll hit silver! You've been playing well, 5 wins, 1 loss. But you learned something from that loss, you need to ...
  • that would be really great in reply to What server? by foxcode

    thanks for that offer! its really appreciated.
  • every penny :) in reply to My .02 by cruentuscaelum

    Thanks a lot for that. Ive noticed a couple of things that i really seem to be lacking in. you can see a mile away especially on the PvP game. Im late on nearly every structure i build and it ...
  • [H] Help for getting out of Bronze

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the Starcraft community after purchasing the game around 2 months ago, i'm loving the game so much at the moment but i keep having major problems when it comes to laddering. I've been waiting ...