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  • Am i woth a being in an upper league?

    I'm just curious where an "experienced" would see my skill? I have two games of ZvT. Hope this is enough to maybe even give me tips on my play and how to improve it. Thanks in advance. ^^http://ggtracker.com/matches/5643329 http://ggtracker.com/matches/5643337
  • Awesome! in reply to Wow by BeastlyDayKnight

    So...if you don't mind we could meet up anytime in Jönköping on the 27th. I'd be a lot more comfortable knowing at least some people there. :'P
  • Ohh.... in reply to Well by Antubis

    Well, actually i'm from "Deutschland" too so maybe we actually could team up there. I'll probably be in Stockholm at 11pm (26.11.) and from there i'll get the train so either we can meet up there or in Jönköping. :D
  • Anyone else going to DreamHack Winter 2014?

    So i just wanted to ask if there are other people here attending DHW this year. It's going to be my first major event and since none of my friends are really interested in the "eSport culture" i'll end up ...
  • I'd be so thankful in reply to I am willing to teach some players by GrimButtocks

    If you have some spare time i'd like to learn some stuff....I play Zerg myself and today i switched from EU Servers (since i'm from Germany) to America.Name: ryuDARACh.Code: 111