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  • buildings in reply to Great Start by matthew.marine

    We actually are not planning on having buildings, its gonna kind of be like micro wars, you can get resources and new units though, for the vanir you collect resources at metal deposits making vanir play style more defensive, the ...
  • thanks in reply to Great Start by matthew.marine

    We are working on making new, units, I'll try to add in new gameplay videos soon, just implemented new scenary, and enemies will now focus on the closest of your units so now they will spread and attack all your ...

    He me and my bro have been working on a great RTS for Android since the Google play store has been quite lacking in good RTS games for a long time. it will include two races, one will be called ...
  • Congriats in reply to I made it to Platinum! by MontasaurusWrex

    platinum is definitely the best league because when you enter you are out of the plastic leagues and you know your getting good. Just keep climbing and grandmaster wont seem that far off!
  • I support in reply to Petition to bring back Funday Monday by alex.morgun.1

    I definitely agree, mostly walking is a great show but no possible show could dethrone funday monday as the best. Fun day Monday is generally more hilarious and is community friendly making it much better for popularity and just for ...
  • 64 kills, DONALD The Drone Destroyer in reply to Hero of the Protoss by SteppeLively

    # at 15 minutes donald is in the enemy main, i managed to kill 63 enemies before 15:00 and barely got a 64 before 15:00. if any one challenges my position i will most likely make more submisions of the ...