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  • feedback, point by point in reply to Map control by sandman

    1. most of the time I forget to do this, instead i try to keep the 1 or 2 xelnaga towers for vision, but this can be pretty hard sometimes.2, 3, 4 - doing all of this but not always ...
  • wow again! in reply to Hotkeys by sandman

    Man, you sure put down a lot of useful information! I'm amazed and I want to thank you for that!I'm going into the campaign to practice the stutter step and hotkeys and see how it's working for me to have ...
  • nice, nice... :) in reply to Stick upgrade with the CC by wilson.phung.12

    Great idea, man! Thanks for contributing to the discussion. I'll try this and see how it's working with me, i'll give it a go in the next few games and see "how it feels" :)
  • good idea, i'll try this in reply to Why not use a single control group for the upgrades? by zrqkyvx

    hey, thanks for the idea, I'll try to use it like this and see what's coming. Actually it is pretty annoying not to have keys available at one point of the game :)PS: another question, not related - where/how can ...
  • thanks, great advices here! in reply to THE BASICS by sandman

    Hey man, thanks a lot for taking the time to give some feedback. It's much appreciated.-----I treasured the most the micro advices as I have to admit that I have poor micro-ing skills. I still don't manage to do a ...
  • true in reply to WOW by KUMA

    I was also amazed at the amount of time and interest put in the reply. I am still working into correcting sosme of the issues pointed there, but I still have no strategy for middle and late games when I ...
  • wow! in reply to Intro + replay analysis; another post to come by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    Damn, there's a lot of info you put up on the table and i want to thank you for this! All the stuff is useful, few of them I was aware of (supply block) but had no "formula" to avoid ...
  • tks! in reply to 1st video - Possible suggestions by JCasper

    Hey man, tks for taking the time and giving your opinion. Every feedback matters to me and I will make the most of your suggestions! :)
  • Got it! :) in reply to No probz by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    K, got it! Tks
  • Tks, i'm eager to hear some good advice :) in reply to This is awesome by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    Hi Jeff, tks for the excitement and interest! Your advice is much appreciated. One of my problems that I see is losing mid and late games even with good macro, and I have an idea why but I'm expecting for ...
  • so, it's a good topic... :) in reply to Ok ima go watch the replays by LIGHTCAPTAIN

    I am wondering what kind of suggestions can I get in order to counter that, but also want a better player making some observations regarding my strategy / micro / macro /etc...
  • [H] Terran, gold, help with getting past gold league

    LAter update: here's another example of losing vs zerg: Hi guys, I'm playing WOL and I'm looking for advice on how to get up the ladder from gold. Most of the time when I play gold toss I lose ...