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  • My Favs :D in reply to Favorite and least favorite Hearthstone heroes by aspera

    Well I would have to say atm. My absolute favourite is my Warrior deck, I can destroy people by turn 4 if done correctly. My second favourite would have to be my overload shaman deck, the thing is beastly. Currently ...
  • e-mail in reply to I'll add you now. by steele.josh87

    # everyone is welcome to add me if they want :) the more the merrier is what i say
  • I guess wording is important in reply to Hearthstone Practice :) by scott.archibald.12

    When I say practice. What I really mean is getting people together and have some hearthstone fun. Let's rock out with our decks out.
  • Hearthstone Practice :)

    Hello people. I am looking for people to play/practice some hearthstone with. If anyone is interested.
  • Terraria :D in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Not sure if this has been suggested yet. But Terraria :D Is so much fun to play...although not sure how it would translate to a stream. BTW I'm utrrabbit :)