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  • title in reply to I might be able to help by jbigg2012

    Alright, I'll read it later when I have the time and see if any of it makes sense.
  • title in reply to As far as "Stage Fright" goes... by itsbecca

    I do kind of feel hesitant to get on the ladder and start playing again because in my mind I'm like, "Meh, I am just going to do nothing but lose." when I get on, although I try to remain ...
  • title in reply to title by Relli

    I have a hard time practicing against my "friends" because they are all diamond or higher, and they see me, barely in silver, and just want to play me for the easy win. I've tried playing against computers but I ...
  • I have trouble in reply to Practice by Relli

    I have trouble with that just because, I don't know if it is the new ladder system, or if that one good build I had for ZvX back in the day spiked my MMR really high or what, but right ...
  • Brain Farting<br> in reply to Vids by Philosopher

    What you say makes sense, as I hate playing because I know I am going into a potentially 20-30 minute game just to lose, but it's more like I am having brain farts once I am in the game. It's ...
  • [H] How do I bridge the gap?

    Hello everybody, this is my first post here and I have a problem, or more like a confusion as to how I play StarCraft II as opposed to how I view/commentate games I watch. I will explain what I mean ...