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  • I have a plan in reply to Hearthstone Deck Idea by holylime

    I've been thinking and instead of using druid with naturalize, instead you go rouge. You use the coldlight oracle in conjunction with brewmasters, vanish and shadowstep with low cost direct damage spells (so that you don't lose too many cards) ...
  • add me ^^ in reply to Hearthstone: of friends and community (EU) by Freaky_Niki

    Scribblebox #2119 have hearthstone, diablo and starcraft 2 hots would love to play some games and stuff ^^
  • Thanks!! in reply to Not much an expert myself, but... by biogoo

    Yeah, i think you're right, my card draw kinda sucks without the starving buzzard, I will change the deck around a bit as I have found (now that I've played a bit more) that I really need to get the ...
  • Critique on Hunter deck

    I was playing around with some Hunter decks and tried to build one based on the new unleash the hounds with scavenging hyena. I haven't played many games with this deck but I feel like it worked quite well. I ...
  • I've returned! in reply to title is away... where did he go? anybody found him? by lspy

    I usually talk with steam but I have skype as well, I'm would love to play some games :D
  • Sure in reply to Interested by TheProblems

    Sounds good :D, my steam is Scribble Box, the one with the same nyan cat avatar. I'm not that good at the game but should be fun
  • EU Dota 2 players

    I'm not sure how big the audience is but I really like dota, only have hardly anyone to play with. I'm on England time and none of my friends really play dota so I end up playing with random people, ...