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  • 1 Gate 1 Robo in reply to PvP 1 Gate Robo vs 4 Gate by Fubble

    I've done this build, but I can't remember If I had faced a 4 gate with it before. I had noticed, though, I never had the gas for an Immortal and a Sentry on one base. Maybe I'm doing it ...
  • Well your infestor and expand question could be answered by this Daily in reply to Help for a Bronze Newbie by Radiokopf

    Day[9] Daily #531 - SKT1.Rain's PvZ - warp prism + speedlot!I really liked this video. It showed how when they go investor you can move out on the map and be aggro. If they are going roach you just aren't ...
  • Thanks for the replay Day[9] :D in reply to For the 7 roach rush by Day9

    Yea you did say something about scouting for gas in the Daily didn't ya? :) I just kept failing over and over trying to do exactly what bomber did. Minus the scouting, because I'm too busy trying to build stuff. ...
  • Thanks for the ideas. in reply to Wrong Show. by Leonoux

    I was watching the video Bomber had only 4 marines and he swapped to make 2 hellions and then flipped back to go into tanks and marines. For a long time for the 5-6 or maybe even the 7 min ...
  • [H] How does Bomber tvz deal with early game pressure?

    How do you fight off a one base all in roach rush from Zerg with Bomber's build? I mean you have 4 marines and they have like 7 roaches at like 5 minutes. They just knock down my wall and ...