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  • Seren (NA) - Awesome Idea in reply to Practice Partners by itsbecca

    I'm on NA servers, and I think this is agreat idea, since I'm always looking for people to practice with.NA - WoLUsername: SerenCharacter code: 150
  • PvP Response in reply to Boring in the eye... by itsbecca

    I personally think that PvP could be the more fun of the three, maybe not when it's just a straight up macro collosus game, but when the players try some different tactics, I feel like this has alot of potential. ...
  • PLATINUM in reply to Celebration Thread by itsbecca

    So today my brother and I got promoted into platinum 2v2s!!! What makes it even more awesome is that in the game before we were against the exact same people and lost HORRIBLY. So when we faced them again and ...
  • Funday Monday in reply to Day[9] Daily #523 - TitaN vs Curious - Stunning positional PvZ by Day9

    Is there going to be a funday monday?