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  • Great Interactive Streamer Koshkii

    I just wanted to promote Koshkii, she is a great streamer who always talks to her chat and even though she is only diamond she gets better everyday and streamers extremely often! Check her out, she is streaming when this ...
  • Good man! in reply to Don't know anything about the two casters by BeastlyDayKnight

    Good man ;)
  • Just those in reply to How many aliases do you have? by printf

    DrennoC is my StarCraft name and RubyARat is my old twitch name. Tim is my real name and I made this before all of that. I go by DrennoC though :) So really only DrennoC <3
  • Hey! in reply to Koshkii by printf

    Hey printf, I believe we may have spoken before I am also RubyARat on twitch, but I am DrennoC. I am a High School StarLeague (HSL) Caster, an SCV Rush caster and I do much more for other StarCraft personalities. ...
  • Koshkii & DrennoC Casting Viewer Games

    Koshkii and DrennoC (HSL, SCV Rush & more caster) will be casting viewer games at 8PM on the 22nd. More information here: http://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/2t4ufc/koshkii_drennoc_casting_viewer_games_on_thursday/
  • Support! in reply to Dear Day[9], please come and MC our wedding! by Eeeegor

    Just a post to say I really hope he does :D
  • Awesome :D in reply to Playing without a monitor by printf

    That was awesome! Keep on keeping on my friend :D awesome printf!
  • Cant see it :( in reply to Day[9]'s GDC Talk by Day9

    When I go to it, it asks me to login :( whyy??
  • Where is Sean?

    I understand hes not at his normal house.. but where is he? On vacation? Did he move in with Tristen? Just curious xD :D Thanks!!
  • :D in reply to Thank you by Teldo

    You are awesome Teldo! He cheers me up too!
  • Amazing! in reply to Day[9]'s GDC Talk by Day9

    Dang! All I can say, that was amazing!
  • TLDP in reply to win ratios / profile views for pro players by Rhadamanthos

    Team Liquid Programming Database has a decent ammount of info: Polt: http://www.teamliquid.net/tlpd/sc2-korean/players/1856_Polt TLPD: http://www.teamliquid.net/tlpd/
  • Email me.. in reply to Christan SC2 Players by sherlockturtle

    hello! I had a few questions on how to integrate my faith into SC2. If you would like to have some thoughts/questions bounced off you or had any thoughts/questions please email me at c.timmy@yahoo.com
  • Hey, thanks and.. in reply to Christan SC2 Players by sherlockturtle

    Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for adding more to this thread, I never thought anyone would. I originally created this thread just to see if there was anyone like me out there. Not to troll just curioius. And its ...
  • Loving It in reply to My senior quote by aldacratz

    "There is nothing more cool than being proud of the things you love." Daily 100 "Somebody call Amanda, because this build is awesome." http://www.sc2quoteoftheday.com/archive/Day9
  • Cool! in reply to Also by DaveSprite

    Cool! Thanks Abathur & DaveSprite!
  • Why is CN only grandmaster?

    Anytime I look its like this, why only grandmaster in it?
  • sc2casts.com

    I found this on sc2 ranks : http://sc2casts.com/ It basically has what has been uploaded today of sc2 cast and games. You can go to players and see all the ones that have been uploaded! Its really awesome, just thought ...
  • Great response :D in reply to True, but... by NakeDex

    Great response! I think thats what I should have said :P
  • Ok! in reply to I may be in the minority but... by ThunderFace

    Yea, I get what you mean I feel like with how awesome it is to watch these from really far away just haveing a wide view could work, it would take skill but its still really cool. I just thought ...