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  • Help! Looking for a specific interview with Day[9]

    Hey all! I'm looking for a very specific interview with Day[9] where he talks about his method for experimenting with content on stream. I believe he mentions at first experimenting with breaks in the program, different approaches to analysis on ...
  • StarCraft and Day[9]tv can help make you a better learner

    Today, a research report that I have been contributing to for the past ~2 years has finally been published online. Titled "Crafting The Metagame: Crafting the Metagame: Connected Learning in the Starcraft II Community", this report discusses the StarCraft community ...
  • Crowdfunded games - developer and player perspectives

    I wanted to connect with more people who were interested in crowdfunded games since I managed to successfully fund a game through Kickstarter (SC2VN). My team's game is mainly a passion project so I'm not running a studios, but I ...
  • what do you want to spend time on? in reply to Game Design VS Game Analysis by misread_

    Congrats on taking the next step in your educational career with games! I just finished my Masters degree that definitely veered toward the analysis side where I did research on StarCraft 2. Still, I wanted to learn how to design ...
  • Excellent book rec in reply to I admit a level of disappointment with the blog by SteppeLively

    I think the blog is still a great entry-level piece for someone getting into the topic, but I agree it was a bit odd to not have it mention Gee's previous writings. +1 recommendation on that book for anyone interested ...
  • "Commercial games for academic literacy" - games that help us learn to

    Just read a great blog from the MIT Game Lab that discusses recognizing the potential for commercial/popular games to help us learn how to learn. I think most StarCraft 2 players have at one point began to approach issues with ...
  • football analogy and branching analogy in reply to Unlimited Options by william.exner

    I like your football analogy since I've been playing a lot more Frozen Endzone recently which has sort of opened my eyes to the finer details of football strategy and decision making.
  • examples in reply to Mechanically challenging by Shaidar65

    Fighting games in general (SF4), and to an extent Dota 2 and LoL are still mechanically challenging.
  • Only one piece of the puzzle in reply to Designing for the Spectators not the Players by krisna.siv

    Spectatorship and watchability is important, but when you consider how big LoL/Dota 2 have become it's fun to take that thought and throw it out the window. These are games are terribly hard to watch if you never watched the ...
  • The features of esports in reply to average guy's thoughts by Shaidar65

    There has a been a lot of forum posting/theorycrafting as to what elements of sports make for successful esports, and this has been studied in academia as well. Still, I would argue that there are those buggy nuances of video ...
  • To each their own in reply to Limitations by dustin.weitkunat

    I have to disagree with you because I love the mechanically challenging elements, but I definitely see where you're coming from and I like the idea of Thoughts Per Minute rather than Actions Per Minute. I think it definitely comes ...
  • Put a 1000 game designers in a room in reply to This is an awesome question by SteppeLively

    It's interesting to ask yourself a question: "If you put 1000 game designers in a room, would they recreate (competitive game) with its competitive glitches in place?". While the answer may be know, it speaks to a notion of game ...
  • limited unit selection in reply to Mechanics by dustin.weitkunat

    While I have to disagree with your outlook, these kind of opinions keep me captivated in asking these types of questions. So I can see why limited unit selection can be seen as an inhibitor to gameplay. Your mind 'intuitively' ...
  • What are your thoughts on designing for competition and esports?

    I've been chewing on a question lately: Could StarCraft Brood War in its competitive form be re-made today? Would a game designer intentionally leave in bugs if the community found a competitive edge to them, even at the cost of ...
  • The New York eSports Summit

    The NYU Game Center is hosting a one of a kind eSports panel at its eSports Summit event taking place on Wednesday, November 20th 2013. This thread is a bit late...but if you are in the area please be sure ...
  • You can(not) replay? in reply to The Stanley Parable by LordMatsu

    Loved this game, but it's one of those things where you can't replay it to get the same experience. It's one of those games where the less you read about it, the more you will enjoy it when you actually ...
  • Thanks! in reply to Brief Feedback by SteppeLively

    I really like the idea of putting interactive portions much more earlier on. We already talked about making the opening part in the full version perhaps more rich and interactive. Drawing inspiration from progamers, I think we were a bit ...
  • SC2VN - StarCraft 2 Progaming Visual Novel

    The full length version will need your help to complete! Support us on Kickstarter to ensure the final game is a top-notch experience! Try our demo below. Download (pre-alpha demo):PCGoogle DriveMediaFireMEGAMacGoogle DriveLinuxMEGAAbout SC2VNSC2VN is an interactive visual novel about a ...
  • See Josh's post in reply to legitimacy by printf

    Like Josh said below me, if students can show a huge motivation to organize and bring people together, and do productive things (not just game together, but organize events) then you can easily make a case for the administration to ...
  • s2protocol in reply to s2protocol by cohLysion

    I'm really interested in looking into the s2protocol, but I'm such a noob so I'm wondering what it will add for people who have more experience with replay analysis and parsing. I know a few libraries exist already, what exactly ...