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  • Viper/Spine/Creep and Mineral Snipe in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    So I just saw Dragon do a couple of AWESOME troll games that would make great Funday Monday topics. Here's the first: Mass Viper/Spine (and maybe Spore) with fast creep.
  • Funday Monday Builds for Nydus Attacks

    I'm new to the community (relatively speaking). I thought it might be a good idea to have a strategy thread based upon the weekly Funday Monday topic. This week's topic is HotS Nydus worm attacks. What are some build orders ...
  • Shoutout on the Daily in reply to Proxy Funday Producer by siddify

    One of the drawbacks to this idea is that the publicity or general knowledge of the Funday Monday topic locations and to whom people should submit replays might be an issue. If Day9 were to simply give a shoutout to ...
  • Proxy Funday Producer in reply to What happened to Funday Monday? by Albatross

    Perhaps Day9 just needs a little bit of help, someone to facilitate the Funday Monday without him or his peeps have to commit too much time to the cause. If someone were to post a Funday Monday topic and have ...
  • Gift of Gab in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    Strike up a conversation with your opponent all game long...whether they talk back or not. Do not let the screen clear text throughout the game.
  • My Plan in reply to I'm in. by crazyenough

    I'm planning on adding a link to my replays to my list of themes along with # of tries. You could copy the themes and add your own replays and tries. I don't care if it's in order or not.
  • List of Funday Monday Themes in reply to New "Funday Monday" Idea by siddify

    Below are all the themes. I took out repeats (except #4 & # 6, but they're slightly different). I also didn't include things such as "closest games", "worst partner of all time", etc.#1 - Zerg - No Queens#2 - Protoss ...
  • Nice! in reply to All in by crazyenough

    As I learned in a Newbie Tuesday (I don't remember which on offhand), it is important to have fun and make friends while playing Starcraft 2. I'm excited!
  • New "Funday Monday" Idea

    Hello all! I am a new convert to the day[9] world. I recently acquired SC2 and have been looking for info on how to improve my game. I happened to stumble upon some Newbie Tuesday episodes on YouTube, and HALLELUJAH ...