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  • Pets Watching Day9

    My wife recorded our pup watching some Mostly Walking. The link is below. Also who else has a video of their pets watching some Day[9]?
  • Beautiful work in reply to I made a Hearthstone pendant, and I'm giving away too! by Balgrin

    Egads that looks amazing!
  • YES!! in reply to i agree by joel.westerlund.756

    who ever it was that originally suggested crypt of the that off with Sean's music...that would be an awesome halloween
  • Naah in reply to We NEEED to convince Sean to play Alien Isolation! by jorge.castillo.180072

    As entertaining as Sean's expressions are when he plays a scary game...i have to say i think that tradition of playing scary games around Halloween can't be comfortably put to rest. Besides, i have to agree...during his last stream of ...
  • used to work for red bull in reply to Red Bull Battlegrounds Jobs by StarkTemplar

    I used to work for red bull, but I didnt work for the eSports side of it. However do get hired all i did was put in an application at I dunno if you'll find what youre looking for ...
  • How in reply to Day[9] Fan Fiction (nsfw and other FF) by LordMatsu

    I missed the live show...How did this masterpiece come to Day9's attention? Also...this has reminded me that there is still magic in the world.
  • Strength and Bulk don't have to go hand in hand in reply to Weight Gain Thread! by ryanjk

    I feel your pain. I'm 6 foot and the heaviest i've been is my current weight at 155lb. But i'm also in the best shape i've been. For recreation type fun I rock climb and thats a sport you wanna ...
  • <---- this guy in reply to Let the pain speak to me.... by BlueShift

    is a chump
  • Art form in reply to My senior quote by aldacratz

    "We have engaged in the art of learning"
  • The Loud Minorities in reply to People are dumb by LordMatsu

    When you think about it the news is really just the voice of a very small portion of the population. It just so happens to be able to broadcast it's opinions very loudly. The majority has no issue with video ...