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  • About: I'm just a 20-year old boy/man from Estonia. My family is poor, hence the reason I watch every Starcraft 2 video Day[9] puts up (because I can't afford Starcraft myself, let alone a computer good enough to run it)
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  • 163130 in reply to Heroes of the Storm beta key contest 2 - Day[9]'s Level Up Challenge by WHiT3R4bBiT

    EU. Please, let the dream happen.
  • 69 in reply to Heroes of the Storm beta key contest - Day[9] Death Count Challenge by WHiT3R4bBiT

    EU. Come on lady luck.
  • Actually in reply to Lol well by LordMatsu

    Those are exactly what people would call achievements. Because you get something for achieving something. Not like the bs "achievements" nowadays, e.g: in many fps or other shooter games, there's the "Kill an enemy" "achievement". Like that is really an ...
  • I would like in reply to Im sooo close... by Pollux

    To defeat someone via a wisp. In a warrior deck, for example, give it "charge" and kill him. Or in the perfect scenario: you play wisp and young priestess, hope they survive the turn (lets assume they do), then cruel ...
  • Umm in reply to Well by LordMatsu

    There kind of are.. For example, there's one where you get 100 gold for beating every expert AI; 100 gold for unlocking every basic card; 300 gold for getting 100 and also 1000 wins. And some others.
  • Cairne bloodhoof in reply to When/Who Was Your First Legendary? (Question has extra meaning) by PickledParsleyParty

    I literally got the only legendary that Sean didn't/doesn't have :). I got it randomly after a 0wins - 3 losses arena run (which there are a lot :()
  • Well in reply to Have you tried.... by SteppeLively

    I just tried that, for the third time infact, cause the forums suggested the same. Still nothing, tried running in compatibility mode (2 different ones) and not a damn thing changed. I can't believe it, i've been waiting for ...
  • Umm in reply to Specifications? by SteppeLively

    Running it on a windows xp.
  • Please, help!

    So i just received my hearthstone key today, i did everything: installed the beta app thing, redeemed my key, installed hearthstone. Now, when i log in to the beta app thing, select hearthstone and press play, the play button ...
  • Trying to explain in reply to Not gonna lie by Imagine

    Micro is a precise thing and helps "fool"/gain advantage over the enemy. I dunno how to explain it, but it's funny :)
  • My Entry in reply to Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway #4-6 by WHiT3R4bBiT

    # an entry full of optimism.