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  • Hearthstone Facebook page is teasing about a new game mode!

    This was posted by the Hearthstone Facebook page this morning. I wonder what it might be...
  • The Longest Journey in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! by Day9

    It's a great point and click adventure, with science and magic. It's got a great story, too!
  • YES! in reply to The Longest Journey by Desmera

    The Longest Journey would be incredible...I'd love to watch a Mostly Walking series of it!
  • Thanks! in reply to Welcome aboard! by Kai.Herbertz

    Thanks! I haven't caught Mostly Walking yet. I planned on watching it last night, but I wasn't able to. I'll try to watch some past ones on YT!
  • New fan here, just wanted to say, "thanks."

    I just discovered Day9 about a week ago (thanks, /r/hearthstone!) and I just wanted to say, "thanks," to Sean. I enjoy watching streams/videos from my favorite games, especially strategy games, because it helps me learn and become a better player. ...