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  • Expand? in reply to I feel your pain bro by Kaaw

    You can actually successfully pull off an expand vs slings in most maps? We seem to have a little trouble doing so.I think we are going to try 2 builds when we can. 1 of which is one of us ...
  • Units in reply to what units are you building? by cliff.tam

    In 1's the early aggression works because he has no army backing him up. In 2's we have noticed if the Terran sits back and builds up an army our early aggression gets shutdown by the spines with backup. If ...
  • Need help in 2's. PPv?Z

    My friend and I have clawed our way up to Plat and we seem to be stuck there for now and seem to be having some issues when it comes to playing against a single Zerg opponent. We play as ...