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  • Website: http://www.taylorarmstrong.info/
  • About: I love SC2 and play it as often as I can between being engaged, and a dad, and a workaholic in the Animation/VFX industry. I also volunteer graphics for the AHGL. Was Terran foreverrrrrrrr and finally switched to Zerg once the HoTS beta dropped. Single best decision I've ever made.
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  • Free to play... in reply to WTT Heartstone Key. by unhoe

    You do know that the game is going to be free to play once it drops. seems silly to trade tangible goods for a lack of patience. just my two cents.
  • inb4 Hearthstone is too cool. in reply to Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway #4-6 by WHiT3R4bBiT

  • E.V.O - Super Nintendo in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    Super awesome game from SNES where you started as a fish and earn XP to level up and evolve up to a mammal. Super rad. Super under appreciated game.
  • LIKE A POLO SHIRT! in reply to The best place is... by FrenchFried

    yeah, on a pec, like where it would be embroidered on a polo shirt.
  • foreshadowing in reply to Easy Sean by BaronKalamari

    that spots great, cause you could pretend its like a road sign for whats to come.
  • Like a Bandit! in reply to JUST got sent out by Day9

    Just snagged a Day9 premium logo tee, the vintage SC1 navy shirt, and the snazzy retro Zerg shirt. Used the Promo code, plus some J!NX gold and made out like a bandit at 43 bucks. Thanks for the code!
  • Obliterated first match? Of course. NBD. in reply to How to deal with switching to HotS by mangu

    I started playing HoTS in the beta, and got rolled over by basically everyone, considering most of the more casual people (that I'd probably beat on ladder) weren't playing yet, since it was beta. I basically lost almost every game ...
  • Championship Belt. in reply to SC2 Logos Cut on the Water Jet for Sean? Would he take them? by kevin.wilt.121

    You should fabricate plates like this for a Championship belt for a tournament. My first gut suggestion is to do it for the next season of the AHGL. I'm sure there's some other community member who could knock out a ...
  • very cool. in reply to Want to make a GAME? by bluedrop

    will be following this sweetness.
  • Dignitas Apollo in reply to Brand new player looking for a good resource to learn the basic builds by EvilCalamari

    He's got VERY informative videos where he makes a new account for each race and works up from Bronze league. He explains what to focus on in each of the leagues and in each of the race matchups. Definitely give ...
  • AHGL in reply to How do you know Damen? by ntucker

    I did various graphics/videos for the AHGL this season, plus his overlay and greenscreen background for Lets Kung Fu!
  • Thanks! in reply to Love it by VoltagE

    I'd forgotten about it too, until Damen Knight reminded me. That Timmy story cracks me up. So nice to see that voice come to life. Worked out perfect.
  • Day[9]/Timmy star in this animation.

    I make cartoons every month for my job, and this month Day[9] summoned his inner "Timmy" to star in my cartoon. He rocked it, of course. Its a spoof on the National Spelling Bee, paying homage to the final sequence ...
  • Studio Ghibli. in reply to Anime Recommendations by Omega068

    Spirited Away. Howl's Moving Castle. Princess Mononoke. so on and so forth.
  • Bang for buck people! in reply to Wait - Why NOT Subscribe to Day[9]? by TiffanyRHensley

    I held off for a while (I have a daughter and am the sole breadwinner for my budding family, so I excessively weigh my purchases) but finally gave in when I realized that when it comes to bang-for-my-entertainment-buck, Day9 and ...
  • I've felt this sting. in reply to i'm stumped. by diabeetusman

    It was a while ago, but this was happening to me too. I'm assuming this is happening during the time right before it searches for a matchup, right? If so, here's what I did. I would cancel the search/download right ...
  • "It wasn't red bulls..." in reply to I've tried 1 of them by mirrageofhope

    Red Bull does indeed have these three new flavors. They've been getting rolled out across the globe slowly. It is a bit of old news, but they are most certainly "Red Bull" products.
  • This is absurd. in reply to Thank you! by makios

    HoTS isn't a right. This is far from a "last resort". The game just launched. Kids all over the world will be waiting until their birthdays, or seasonal holiday until they get their copy. You said that since you have ...