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  • Day Knight Boardgame night in the bay!

    Hi dayKnights. I live in the bay area, I like boardgames a lot, and in my experience, most DayKnights are pretty cool folks. SO, I thought that it would be cool to combine them. Depending on the number of interested ...
  • Which edition are you looking to play? in reply to Similar to World of Darkness by NethyR

    I have some experience with an older edition but I have not played the most recent one.
  • My GF and I are going in reply to Twitchcon Plans! by idlesatire

    We Live in the bay area (Redwood Shores) and would love to do a meetup friday night or sometime saturday. We have tickets for Saturday and the after party.
  • Day Knights Dota group/clan?

    Pretty self explanatory, is there an established clan or steam group or anything of Day Knights who play Dota yet? and if there is not, would there be interest in creating one?