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  • SuddenSight Rules in reply to I made a plot by SuddenSight

    Nice! Thanks SuddenSight. I'm actually perfectly happy with 80% or higher odds. Seems like there's a steep drop off after that point. But getting up to 95%'ish range is also interesting to note for rushy-aggro decks. But, even in those ...
  • Thanks! in reply to There's a short answer, and a longer answer. by DrankSinatra

    Hah thanks. It's been a while since I took prob and stats, as well.Appreciate the link. I'll do some reading tomorrow and see if that helps me puzzle it out. This can also help with getting the right flow to ...
  • Odds of drawing a good hand at the start of the game

    Hi All! I'm stumped and need some help. The problem: How many 2 mana (aka 'drop') cards would I need to guarantee one at the start of the game?